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By TheCoinClique | Crypto Centric | 1 Jul 2021

Hey Publish0x Users, today I am going to be talking about this really addictive mobile game that I have been playing, called Bitcoin Blast. 

Bitcoin Blast is a free game found on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store as well. The game is brought to us by a company called Bling Financial Inc. They offer a handful of other games on the android market, but for todays purposes, I will only be covering Bitcoin Blast; as it is Bling Financials' only game that is offered to both Android and iOS users. 

Bitcoin Blast is similar to games like Candy Crush Saga or one of those other games where you line up matching items and then they burst and you gain points for each successful move you make. In this game specifically though, you burst Bitcoins. When you first download the app on the iPhone, it asks you to sign up using either your Apple account, Google account, or your Email Address. Once you have a Bling Account, you have to watch an ad and then the round begins.


During the match, they have you versing a bot account and if you win the match by getting a higher score than the bot, then you will earn Bling Points. Currently around 2000 Bling Points is equal to 2 Sats. Keep in mind that each won match can get you anywhere from 1000 to 4500 Bling Points (1 to 4.5 Sats) 

The game allows you to play around 15 matches per 12 hours and then after the timer resets, you get to play 15 more matches and so on. Each level is similar but they do switch it up. There are about 6 types of levels. For example, some levels may be basic and require you to match 3 or more Bitcoins that are the same color, and you will earn the required stars needed to pass the level as you do so.


As where other levels may require you to match Bitcoins of the same color while trying to break an Ice Block Bitcoin. Or they may even make you bust open some vaults, or collect some diamonds, or even defuse a few Bitcoin Bombs (Don't worry it sounds complex but it really is so simple.) However all the levels do require you to beat the bot account and finish the round before the timer runs out. (Typically 120 seconds.) 



To withdraw your Bling Points and take home some of that sweet Satoshi, all you have to do is hit that Cash Out button at the top of the screen. It will open a window that allows you to see your Bling Point to Satoshi balance. From there you can withdraw the Sats to your Coinbase account and pat yourself on the back, because you just earned Bitcoin from playing video games.  Literally, it is that easy... 

Thanks for reading and please, do be sure to check back here another time for more blog posts on how to stack some Sats while gaming! Have a great day and good luck stacking those Satoshi!


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