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TheBot.Concept - Roadmap 2021

By Badbot666 | TheBoT.Concept | 4 Jan 2021

Most of you probably think "what a douche" when they bump into any of my posts. Who would be writing such shit... system? What system? There ain't no such shit etc. 

Have a laugh... finished yet?


TheBot.Concept started in 2020 with the idea to overcome the countless scammers around, to race with the big fishes in the pond. The ones with massive budgets, the ones with endless affiliate networks.

With small almost to no investment at all to find a way to build that passively earning business and when it is all done to spread the word so other poor people like me to have that chance when fighting with the titans. And here we are...

A year later and the system is getting close to perfection. Milestone of 2020 achieved and we're moving ahead towards 2021 not just with a dream but with targets.

In the early 2021 roughly until the begining of the spring our own platform will be fully built. That's right. We're already building the website and the dilema now is if we would like for it to remain as a personal blog or rather than that build it as an investment platform.

Give us a thought about that in the comments if you're interested and if you would like to participate in such an adventure.

The second big milestone in 2021 will be dedicated to our community and it's expansion.

Spreading the word as widely as we could and start preparations towards the release of our own product that will take place somewhere in the middle of the summer.

The second part of the year will remain a secret for now but if you're caught up by the idea give us a shout follow my profile and go with the flow.

Happy earnings and a bright path ahead.


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