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Crazy TRX mining-faucet??? NO WAY!!!

By Badbot666 | TheBoT.Concept | 13 Jan 2021

Hello fellow readers,

I am super excited about what I encountered earlier on and I had no patience to share it with you. Please check it out and tell us what you think after you've tried it yourself.

So... A mining-faucet...??? That pays straight into your FaucetPay account or ExpressCrypto every 180 secs. There is also 30% refferal earnings also paid out every 180 seconds?


Well... YES WAY!!!

The platform is called Faucetcoins

The question here is... is it scalable? Do you think it would be worth boosting it up with referrals? Please have a look at the following images and numbers.


This is my FaucetPay account and as you can see so far today I've got almost a thousand received payouts. On the next picture is the total amount in USD of what has been collected into my account for today.


And the last picture is just to justify my words. This is just one of the pages with received payments.


My question here is...

Considering the numbers, the instant payout in FaucetPay/EspressCrypto and the fact that I've just got around 30 referrals so far. Do you think it would be worth it to invest my skills and funds in adverts in orded to increase my referrals? And if we take it on the long term would it be scalable enough to sustain itself so it can actually become profitable?

What worries me is the massive gap between amount of payouts received and it's actual value. Also... will I be lucky to fetch only active referrals? And how many will I need so the profit can be real and consistent? What do you guys think?

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