The best staking rewards: Energi (Summary of the year 2019)
The best staking rewards: Energi (Summary of the year 2019)

By Savastano | TheBestCryptoBlog | 28 Jan 2020

Probably many people have heard about staking.
But not everyone knows what a staking list looks like among the best cryptos offering additional staking income.
Personally, I prefer to see this comparison in different charts than read "dry" text.
That's why I decided to collect the most important charts from the last period in one place.
So let's get started - Summary of the year 2019 (Category: Staking) below:

Amazing ROI comparison

Staking ROI comparison - March 2019.

Energi staking half of the 2019

Staking reward comparison after half of 2019.

Treasury Funds Generated USD Monthly Value

Now is the time when many new cryptocurrencies are joining staking.
Ask yourself, however, whether they will actually be able to offer a better profit than the "green leader"?

Energi Staking Reward Comparison

Last chart - "Energi Staking Reward Comparison" is from end of the 2019.

This chart already includes the new crypto offering staking (like Cosmos and Tezos), as well as the cryptocurrency Tron - in the case of the latter there were voices in December that Tron offer better earning on staking than Energi. Unfortunately, Tron in this chart did not do well.
There is a lot of talk about Ethereum, which will offer staking and despite preliminary data - it's hard to say how it will look in practice, and in practice it may turn out that ETH will have a very good start in the Staking category, but it will be only a start - a month or two. Then the "yellow leader shirt" will return to Energi, and Ethereum will offer less staking profit than EOS.
For now, these are just speculations.
The facts are not disputable because they are presented in the charts.
If you invest in cryptocurrencies, it's worth keeping in mind the facts, not necessarily just that the cryptocurrency is currently slightly higher in the ranking. But for example, is it the best in its category.
Energi is currently the best cryptocurrency in the category of staking.
It is also worth considering the diversification of our portfolio and never invest in only one cryptocurrency.
But You know - not financial advice :)

How to staking Energi with the laptop turned on:

How to staking Energi via VPS (and Your laptop can be turned off):

Thanks for reading my article, thanks for the tip and see you in the next, equally interesting articles and summaries.


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