Bitcoin - Big pump or big dump in 2 hours (16.03.2020)
Bitcoin 16.03.2020
Bitcoin - Big pump or big dump in 2 hours (16.03.2020)

By Savastano | TheBestCryptoBlog | 15 Mar 2020

Only 2 two hours when new day will begin... 
And only 2 hours when people in Asia will start trading (crypto, stocks and other markets). 
One week ago (last Monday) whole markets was red... 
One day later was dead cat bounce (quick pump), and later slowly down and down and finally 
in the night from 12 to 13 March was biggest dump in a "coronavirus period".

How it will look in a 2 hours?
Many people expecting next dump.
Specialist of charts told that now we have local uptrend...
Who have right? We will see really soon.

Are You buying now crypto or selling?
My strategy is invest in crypto in many different periods in "coronavirus period".
So I mostly invest when market is red, when is green I trying to sell,
But sometimes - You know - fantasy, that this green market will provide us 
really quick to 1 000 000 $. Time to stop dreaming, and if You have earnings from crypto
- better cash out Your investments.
You never know what will happen in next 2 hours...

If price of Bitcoin will go down, will be cheaper than 4 000 $ and if soon price will be near 3 000 $
then this dump can be really huge, it will be unstoppable dump.
Why? Because in a 1 year period Bitcoin still giving investor's good profits,
but if Bitcoin will achieve this conditions, then in a 1 year period Bitcoin wouldn't give 
investors any profits, only lose. So many investors will be mad and will be the biggest panic sell ever.

What will happen with older altcoins? EOS? XLM? Cardano?
They will goes up or down?
Who knows, I only bet that younger altcoins: 
Tezos, Energi, Cosmos, Chainlink or RLC will give better profits
(if will be any profit).

And what about Grandpa Bitcoin?
2 hours to 16.03.2020

Bitcoin in 2 hours 16 March 2020


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