Review of 0xWarrior ! ETH TRON EOS Multichain game!

By the01crow | the01crow | 15 Sep 2019


This is an entertaining game based on different blockchain, is really interesting this concept of multichain, where you can connect different wallets, on the same platform, and in this case applied to a game.

The game consists of leveling up fighting against other players, when leveling up the features can be increased to have more life, intelligence, dexterity, plus that the characters for each new level, gain a skill that can be increased to a maximum of level 3.

This fun game has tournaments in which you can win prizes in eth, eos, tron, and items that can be exchanged or sold!

The game has a shop to buy items in the different blockchain, such as eos, eth and tron.

The characters can die, but the objects stay in the bag, only the objects that you have earned or bought.

You can have a large number of characters and play and try to level them up to have backups in case they die.

As you can see the fights are dynamic, a video simulation of what the battle would be like.





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