new blockchain search Engine. new blockchain search Engine.

By the01crow | the01crow | 18 Nov 2019

351665157-1b9f04f2c159be762bae5fcdd215b13000a22d73981c0725cde331318d9f37cf.gif is a blockchain-focused search engine. Our mission is to drive the use of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology worldwide. Users can earn maars based on their overall reputation through our daily maars distribution program.
How can you earn Reputation?

  • Submit blockchain/crypto-related links to the search engine
  • Search & click links within the search engine
  • Logging in
  • Rating search results up / down
  • Approving & rejecting link submissions if you become a moderator
    They just need to earn 1000 rep points then an application form will appear in their dashboard automatically become a moderator
    Soon you will be able to use maars to buy ad space within our search engine as one of the first use cases for maars coin.
    You can create a wallet on & link it to your search account to withdraw earned token.
    Also, there is a referral program in the dashboard where if you share your URL and someone signs up through it and verifies their account through mobile you earn 500 maars & new user earns 100
    For sure we’re also adding in short URLs for search results (another way to earn rep points and increase your payout)
    Users will be able to share any link from search results and earn rep points as other ppl click the links
    That’s another method which should help the project spread quicker

Just that maars token is on the Tron network and you can link your Tron wallet address to to withdraw your earned maars tokens as well.


Crypto enthusiast, fan of Social Media based Blockchain and Games! using cryptocurrency since 2014.

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