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War for Gold

By ErickP | The Writings of Erick Pratt | 23 Jan 2021

The night is black and dark and cold
In this forgotten land of old.
Death and ruins reign the night.
What a dreadful and horrible sight!

Bodies strewn across a bloody field –
Remains of a senseless war –
Contracts to death they had sealed
With the blood of many before.

On and on, the wars go on,
Through every night and every dawn,
Through every day and every morn.
The land once one has now been torn.

Wealth and power reason the war,
The goal of people filled with greed.
The lives of ancestors from long before
Are long forgotten by these bloody deeds.

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The Writings of Erick Pratt
The Writings of Erick Pratt

This is where I share my own personal writings. These will be mostly poetry, with some short stories and other types of writings.

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