Implementation of Blockchain in the World and Utilization of Blockchain by Industrial Actors is inevitable

Implementation of Blockchain in the World and Utilization of Blockchain by Industrial Actors is inevitable


Type of blockchain

There are 3 types of blockchain networks, namely public, private and consortium or hybrid. Make public networks mean unlimited access and all who have an internet network can participate and carry out transactions and validation.

The two private blockchain networks mean something parties can join at the invitation of the blockchain network administrator. This type is widely used by private industries.

Finally, the blockchain consortium or hybrid is used by a single party that regulates the network. Certain parties can share access to other participants.


In the implementation, the Blockchain has entered into other sectors.

Blockchain technology can be used in many zones, both partially and evenly. In the beginning, blockchain technology was still used as limited to digital money or cryptocurrency. "As time goes on, this technology is realized to be used in many zones.

The Credit Suisse survey in 2017 showed that the use of blockchain technology in the manufacturing zone, as well as consumer products, has reached a level of 58%. Then in life sciences, and health care reached 53%. "On the contrary to technology, media, and telecommunications zones near 48%. Make the financial services zone reach 36%, "for information that has been revealed

The encroachment of blockchain technology to various zones is an inevitable reality given the superiority of this technology.

"Another advantage of the blockchain is efficiency and transparency in the system that was formed"

Then with a system of recording or database transactions that are widespread or decentralized (decentralized) on the network, for Rico, this application presents a robust and hard to hack information security system.

But so, it is very regrettable if there are still a few people who understand about blockchain technology and its benefits.

Therefore, some blockchain activists collaborate with the blockchain community network, most notably the Indonesian Blockchain Association (ABI) to be more active in carrying out such extensive advocacy and technology guidance so that the use and efficacy of the Blockchain.

The hope is that it can be quickly understood and accepted by the wider community. Not only that, but Kadin is also ready to become a Government partner in structuring regulations relating to the Blockchain implementation


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The world of cryptocurrency and blockchain
The world of cryptocurrency and blockchain

A brilliant country is a world where people have a principle about the development of progress. both in all technologies, even ecosystems about the economy.

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