The whale Intelligence. #12

The whale Intelligence. #12


HEMP token team announce ENG fundraiser.

HEMP token is going SCOT and becoming it's own Tribe! Do you grow hemp? Do you want to? How about earning steem blogging about hemp. Or reviewing CBD products?

The HEMP team announced today that it will be hosting a raffle to raise the several thousand ENG fee to make the hemp token stake-able and have it's own blogging front end. Users will soon be able to stake HEMP and perform stake based voting on blogs.

The HEMP tribe will cater towards Hemp growers, CBD product reviews and CBD hemp consumers. HEMP could also be used as a marketplace token. A legal business could sell CBD products for HEMP tokens in a legally compliant way. Or they could use the HEMP tribe to blog about their business for extra income. CBD is federally legal in the United States. Anyone over 18 can purchase CBD hemp buds.

"The HEMP team are offering the following raffle to win a $100 gift card to Tweedle Farms."

Here are the directions on how to enter. THESE DIRECTIONS ARE FOR ENTERING VIA STEEMIT DO NOT ENTER BELOW. Enter HERE - - >

  1. Upvote This Post {With Weedcash OR SP.}

  2. Send 2 Eng {per Ticket} To @a1-shroom-spores.

  3. Include a memo with the # of tickets when you send the ENG.

  4. Re-steem this post.

  5. Tag someone who likes hemp in the comments.

Must Be Over 18 Years Old And In The United States To Win.











Can Crypto Developers stop using the phrase "Rewards Pool?"

If you are triggered by "Grammer nazis" first of all... stop hating the truth. Piss poor grammer and spelling errors on crypto projects is now normal. On the front page of it says the phrase "rewards pool." There is no such thing as a "rewards pool": A reward pool can have multiple rewards.

Think about this for a second: If you go to a "Car show" there can be 50 different cars. That doesn't make it a "Cars show." A Chicken Coop isn't called a Chicken Coop because there is only one chicken. It doesn't become a "Chickens coop" if you get 2 whole chickens.

This is the future of official crypto websites: "Yo you need a job Steem playas I got you homie. I got a phat f*&cking Reawrds pool.We bustin off. Apply below."

Even Wells Fargo is using the phrase "Rewards pool" trying to cash in on Crypto lingo. Just stop.






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