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Batmine is a "low cost, mostly green energy" crypto mining service. They use secure locations with quality hash power and switch between currencies to maximize mining yields. Mining sites will be built in the Czech Republic or Bulgaria where there are "mining friendly" towns and agreeable taxation laws.

Batmine offers a mining partership service where anyone can buy miners and run them at a BatMine location. A "fee for electricity, operation, service and management" are factored into the price and the rest is 100% profit. Low cost electricity along with the high hash rate are the companies plan to offer a high profit margin from the mining investments. 108

The company is also offering "fully legal profit sharing" through silent partnerships. Batmine has a guarenteed monthy profit share period until March 2029: The Profit sharing percentage is calculated by "dividing the total raised amount by the invested amount per individual Investor." 30% of the companies total profits are included in the profit share pool.

Batmine has 4 types of revenue generation. Mining of cryptocurrency, mining as a service, custodial services and hardware sales. "The Company will initially mine BTC, LTC, ETH, and a mix of proof-of-work based coins and scrypt algorythm based coins. Which exact coins we mine depends on the assessment of the profitability per coin over the current and projected future period." 225

As before mentioned: Batmine will be switching between currencies they mine to increase efficiency. This first form of revenue generation will be very interesting to watch. 

Mining as a Service or MAAS is when someone doesnt want to own and operate miners at location. They can pay operations to mine as a service. MaaS services are purchased with BATM tokens {to encourage the use of Batmine Tokens.}

Custodial services are for people who want to buy and use the Batmining hardware, or people whom have their own miners already and want to host them at a Batmine location. There is a fixed monthly fee and then you earn 100% of profit beyond that.

Hardware sales are profits from Batmine selling their state of the art miners and chips. Investors share in those profits. 356


Low electricity costs and high hash power sounds great. But does Batmine share mining data? How does this data stand up to other companies? According to the official Batmine website {} "Real cost for electricity will be around 4 cents per KwH, depending on the location. Hash power is up to 55 TH/sec for BTC miners..."

According to Forbes online, "If you run an Antminer 24/7 for a year it will produce about 0.85 bitcoins, at a cost of about 15,000 kilowatt hours. Depending on your power prices it will cost anywhere from $600 (at 3 cents per Kwh) to $1,800 (at 9 cents per Kwh) to mine one coin." This means Batmines 4 cent per KwH is more energy efficient than a lot of personal BTC mining operations.

The Real electricity cost and hash power for Batmine are excellent; especially for a green company. Batmine is transparent with their numbers. You can easily visit and compare the electricity prices and hash power to other companies.


The official Erc-20 token of the Batmine project is "BatMine Token." Erc-2o tokens are a type of token on the Ethereum block-chain. Smart contracts are used to create ERC-20 tokens. The total supply of Batmine Token {BATM} is 234,500,000 tokens. According to the official batmine account on "1 ETH = 750 BATM {and} 1 BATM = 0,0013333 ETH."

Once you have some BATM tokens you can store them on a paper wallet with MyEtherWallet, a cold storage wallet or an online wallet with a private key. There's lots of options for holding an erc-20 tokens. For example: You can store erc-20 tokens at on IOS or andriod {mobile}. BATM tokens can be earned though the ICO, or from the bounty on There are multiple bounties {quests} to earn Batmine Tokens.


More information on the official Batmine site:

Batmine Whitepaper:

Disclaimer: "This article was created in exchange for a potential token reward through Bounty0x"












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