Read The Weekly Summary - Learning Edition [Issue 31.2]

The Weekly Summary - Learning Edition [Issue 31.2]

By tvlachak | The Weekly Summary | 13 Nov 2020

Issue 31.2 / November 13, 2020


Time blocking is an active approach to productivity. This is an idea that hatched on Cal Newport’s blog back in 2013 which eventually became the main focal point of his book Deep Work. Out of convenience and motivation, Newport is now publishing his own planner that pairs nicely with Deep Work.

Write to discover what you think. Own your writing process

November is National Novel Writing Month. Are you writing anything for NaNoWriMo

Don't shy away from reading the classics.

Learn to build. Build to learn.

"Live. Create. Engage." - CryptoWordsmith

Minimalism is the opposite of irrelevant excess.

The difference between knowledge and wisdom.

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I'm a student of personal finance, investing, cryptocurrency, NFTs, & blockchain. I'm currently learning and thinking in public on The Weekly Summary. I'm also a foodie that loves fitness.

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