The Weekly Summary - Issue 9.0

By tvlachak | The Weekly Summary | 7 Jun 2020

Issue 9.0 / June 7, 2020


Gap’s sales and stock price plunge and if that’s not bad enough, their landlord is suing the clothing retailer because of unpaid rent. The Gap is not alone, half of commercial rent wasn’t paid in April and May.

Amazon's fleet has become one of the biggest delivery networks in America as they continue to lease more planes.

Amazon is planning a big summer sale on June 22 that will be invite only. If you are not an Amazon Prime member, you can sign up for a free month or 6 months if you are a student.

Instead of using the Libor, the Federal Reserve is looking to a blockchain, proof-of-authority for interbank lending rates.

Take a look back to the year 1700 of the Bank of England’s spending history

Home mortgages are up compared to last year. 

50 year bonds exist, check out this bond yield matrix chart from this article on negative interest rates and stablecoins.


13 companies that have been paying dividends for over a century.

Last week risk was mentioned and how taking it can reward some investors. But this trader took too much risk which caused him to lose everything in one position. And meanwhile, some overleveraged Airbnb investors are trying to liquidate ASAP. Perhaps it's a good time to read How to Take a Chance by Darrell Huff or at the very least skim these great notes on a book about probabilities.

Multi-millionaire Noah Kagan shares all the business ideas he’s ever tried over the past 20 years along with lessons learned. He also has a great email newsletter on marketing and small business growth hacks.

Investing during bubbles and getting out before they pop.

SoFi Invest sent me an email that if I fund my account by June 30, they’ll match 1% of my deposit, up to $5,000. If you’re on SoFi Invest, check your inbox. If you want to sign up, please use my SoFI Invest referral link.

Personal Finance

Take a free text message course on Personal Finance.

The financial freedom formula is a combination of “...frugality, multiplied by simplicity, compounded by patience."

Financial freedom is a mental, emotional, and educational process.” - Robert Kiyosaki

Old school versus new school UK banks, how long does it take to open an account?    

Buyer beware of college financing through income-sharing agreements.

Shark Tank superstar investor Kevin O'Leary would be doing this side hustle if he had to.

Treat your side hustle like a business.

Sell more with these sales tips.

Apple Card customers can skip their next monthly payment.


A list of 45 reasons cryptocurrency is the future.

Ethereum is undervalued.

Caracas’ outrageous inflation is causing the Venezuelan city to move to Bitcoin.

Stablecoins, the US Dollar, and servicing global debt

Kerman Kohli explains how an Automated Market Maker works and why they are needed for smart contracts

Brave usage continues to grow. Don’t know what all the fuss is about? You should download, install, and use this next-generation browser

European customers can now stake on Coinbase.

Coinbase cuts USDC staking by over 80%.

J.P. Morgan, who opposed Bitcoin, now supporting crypto.

Here’s an airdrop that earns 500 Ecoins (worth $3). I signed up with my Google single sign-on (SSO) and took 10 seconds. When you sign up, a donation of 125 Ecoins goes to CoronaVirus victims.


Some tools for better thinking.

There are many great ideas from this year’s CX Report (CX = Customer Experience × Computational Experience). Here is a summary and a Twitter thread.

Johnny Uzan believes the college paradigm is dying, and as a result, we become the designers of our own education. What would a curriculum look like for knowledge workers? Working and learning is transforming.

Keep learning. You got this. Just show up every day.

Do your posts or tweets move others to think?

Are you working on your personal monopoly? You should by building a content creation empire. And monetize everything while you are at it.

A masterclass in marketing strategy on a Twitter thread.

Video Games and Multimedia

ConsenSys, an Esports league, is following Publish0x’s lead by paying out in DAI and Ethereum.

Get some free ‘Pokemon GO’ promo codes.

Are you tired of Animal Crossing? Chill with these video games.

When I take a walk, I’m playing Pokemon Go, earning XYO on Coinapp, and sweatcoins all at the same time.

Oldest gaming YouTuber with over 300,000 subs sets a world record.


Ideas and information presented in my articles are for educational purposes only and not intended to be investment advice. Investments in the stock market and cryptocurrency could be speculative and volatile, and result in money loss. Always conduct your own research. You may want to obtain independent legal, financial, taxation and/or other professional advice in respect to any information from this content. I may mention products or services and some of those products are affiliate links that reward me.

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