The Weekly Summary - Issue 23.1 - Learning Edition
Learn about learning by reading the Weekly Summary.

The Weekly Summary - Issue 23.1 - Learning Edition

By tvlachak | The Weekly Summary | 14 Sep 2020

Issue 23.1 / September 14, 2020


Every addition to true knowledge is an addition to human power. - Horace Mann

Adapt like an octopus.

Find what’s not working and fix it with history.

A first-principles thinking curriculum built on the basic building blocks of knowledge.

The evolution of an idea. A strong collaborative process produced one of the most popular EDM songs of the last decade.

Establish a writing workflow to build momentum. This professional freelancer has built a solid writing habit.

Knowledge work needs to be gauged.

Simple systems can sometimes be the most productive.

One day, course creators may become a university of one.

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