The Weekly Summary - Issue 22.0

By tvlachak | The Weekly Summary | 6 Sep 2020

Issue 22.0 / September 6, 2020


Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway fund is no longer an all-American portfolio.

An enormous documentation vault of Berkshire Hathaway's annual shareholder letters and meeting transcripts. This includes a case study of Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger's investment in and management of Blue Chip Stamps.

This mutual fund turned 50 years old and it’s still doing well.

An investor’s rationale behind ETF purchases.

Robinhood is in trouble with the SEC.

This is a staggering statistic of Apple’s one-day loss of $180 billion on Sept. 3.

The stock market, cryptocurrency, and gold tanked together last week.

My latest Stash Stock Party portfolio update.

Personal Finance

Financial independence has a history and it goes back 2,500 years.

Personal debt should not be considered normal.

Since the lockdown, many Americans are calling themselves savers, while some people even have become super-savers.

Many young adults in the US are living with their parents.

Eliminate monthly expenses to save money and start designing your life today.

Start newborns with index funds to fund their retirements. This chart should convince you that it could be a good idea. 

What Amazon drivers are doing to gain a split-second advantage on rivals.

Chase is doing a major overhaul of their Freedom credit cards.


Ethereum gas fees are getting outrageous.

From yield farming to vampire mining?

IRS specifies those earning cryptocurrency through micro-jobs is taxable.

A chat on how stablecoins operate and their role in cryptocurrency.

Switzerland’s ‘Crypto Valley’ will be accepting cryptocurrency as payment for taxes

Learn about Celo (cGLD) on Coinbase Earn and get $6 free of this newly listed cryptocurrency on Coinbase by watching three short videos and answering three questions. Some other Coinbase Earn free cryptocurrency offers:


How to crack the second most popular search engine on the planet. 

Starbucks secures 0% loans from its customers.

Close that sale.

Sell yourself on Linkedin

What to include for the perfect pitch deck.

Making important decisions based on the regret minimization framework by young Jeff Bezos.

Ways to write better emails.

Outreach Tips


Neuroscience research says walking is really good for your brain. In the book In Praise of Walking, neuroscientist Shane O’Mara believes walking is holistic and should be prescribed as medical treatment.

Navigate difficult times with these axioms for a fulfilling life.

Building is a form of preparation.

Take action on what you are reading.

Write with fewer words. This is a writing hack your readers will appreciate.

Solitude fine-tunes your thought process.

A learning workflow.

One way to boost your morale.

Self-directed learning and children.


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