The Weekly Summary - Issue 21.0

By tvlachak | The Weekly Summary | 30 Aug 2020

Issue 21.0 / August 30, 2020


A timeline of some of Warren Buffett’s investing milestones.

The big five technology companies $APPL, $MSFT, $GOOG, $AMZN, and $FB are now worth a combined $7.5 trillion dollars.

The volatility index is raising red flags for the S&P 500. This could result in an upside panic.

This wealth manager thinks the S&P 500 can still climb higher.

DDoS attack on New Zealand's stock exchange (NSX) shuts down for a few days

A detailed strategy of building and preserving wealth through real estate investing.

My latest Stash Stock Party portfolio update.

Personal Finance

Prepare a ‘financial go-bag’ just in case of an emergency.

Are you one of the lucky 14 million Americans benefiting from this IRS glitch?

The Great Wealth Transfer is upon us. There are estimates of 15 to 70 trillion dollars that will be passed down from the current generation to the next in the coming decades. This will have an obvious impact on the economy and will be a humongous wealth event of historic proportions. The financial industry is trying to prepare for this financial event for there are many factors to consider.

This is an outstanding two-part series on generational wealth. Part 1 presents the problems and part 2 offers some solutions.

Three things to think about when trying to build wealth.

A generational wealth book list on Amazon with four or more stars.

Gen Z is now earning, spending, and investing money.

I came across an unpopular opinion that the Rich Dad Poor Dad book is not a good starter read for personal finance.


A Bitcoin investment thesis.

Do your own research when investing. The 20 questions you should be asking about cryptocurrency.

Some tips on how not to lose your cryptocurrency.

IRS prioritizes the placement of cryptocurrency question for 2020 tax returns.

The IMF is trying to educate everyone on cryptocurrency, sort of.

DeFi is on track to be worth nearly $30 billion by the beginning of 2021.


Use storytelling to perfect your pitch.

15 minutes is a gross underestimate when billing for time.

The story of how a sales consulting business started at the age of 24.

Some content ideas for your blog or Twitter threads.

Build your brand from scratch.

Intentionally build a network for success to gain wisdom and opportunities.

I recently shared some Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tips to a fellow blogger (see the comments section of this article). One of my SEO tips was applying internal links between articles. Here is a comprehensive guide to internal linking.


Add depth to your life by including it on your calendar.

Architecting a publishing strategy for writing ideation. This writing process can easily become an intentional system.

Make your writing sing.

Writing can heal. Blogging can help with stress management. Daily scribing allows us to better understand ourselves

Meta-learning means learning about learning, or learning how to learn. Ultralearning is now at the top of my reading list.

Build intelligence through a growth mindset.

Re-read that book or re-watch that course. Repetition through a learning asset can give you new ideas and additional perspectives.

Owning your time is wealth, freedom, and more. 

Keep it simple.


Ideas and information presented in my articles are for educational purposes only and not intended to be investment advice. Investments in the stock market and cryptocurrency could be speculative and volatile and result in money loss. Always conduct your own research. You may want to obtain independent legal, financial, taxation, and/or other professional advice with respect to any information from this content. I may mention products or services and some of those products are affiliate links that reward me.

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