The Weekly Summary - Issue 18.3 - Entrepreneurship Edition

The Weekly Summary - Issue 18.3 - Entrepreneurship Edition

By tvlachak | The Weekly Summary | 12 Aug 2020

Issue 18.3 / August 12, 2020


Learn more about global outreach and content marketing from John Deere’s communication strategy.

I stumbled upon some great resources for your startup with these pitchesdecks, and business presentations.

Personal tokens are like self-IPOs. Personal tokenization of oneself on the blockchain can be redeemed for a guest appearance, sponsorship, video call, or tweet.

All businesses start small, here’s a glance of Google’s first office 1998.

How to build wealth. And then there's this about wealth creation.

Seven tips on branding yourself, #6 is gold.

Improve your ability to sell anything.

Technology is leverage.

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