The Weekly Summary - Cryptocurrency Edition [Issue 48.1]

By tvlachak | The Weekly Summary | 25 Jul 2021

Issue 48.1 / July 25, 2021


"Ethereum the technology and Ether the money, will cause ETH to become the most valuable asset in human history." - Andrew Bakst 

Amazon is looking into cryptocurrency payments.

This could be big! DeFi on the Bitcoin network? Square is building a platform for the lightning network with the “...primary focus is Bitcoin.” Here we go!

Bitcoin is fixing some big problems.

I'm a believer in using visual models to better understand a concept. A Venn diagram is a simple way to display something mathematical in a logical manner, like Bitcoin. Check out this explanation on the inevitability of BTC with a Venn diagram.

In the past few days, two new Coinbase Earn opportunities have been added by Coinbase. Here are the answers to the Coinbase Earn quizzes to earn a quick $3 of Clover (CLV) and another $3 of Balance (BAL).

Here's a great thought piece on the future of blockchain, especially on the interoperability of digital assets.

Aave is building a Twitter clone on Ethereum. As much as Aave's take on ownership and monetization of content is enticing, I'll keep posting on Twitter for now. After some peer pressure from the Club1BCH nation, I finally joined, the social media platform fueled by Bitcoin Cash. Meaning you receive random BCH tips from other Noisers who like your posts. I'm also on the waitlist for Blockster which looks like a promising crypto-powered social media space. Check out Blockster's roadmap and tokenomics.

Axie Infinity is having a big impact on the crypto economy. Watch the video below, as Bankless discusses how Axie Infinity, the blockchain game, has become very popular and is catching up with Fortnite. Axie is more than just a game, it's an infinite economy.

Now I know why Alien Worlds is not as fun and fair as when it first came out. Bots ruined AW for everyone! And bots seem to be a big problem on

BlockFi is in some trouble in the state of New Jersey.

A list of the many moving parts that makes DeFi (Decentralized Finance).

It's official in the state of Wyoming. Wyoming passed a law recognizing DAOs as business entities. The organization envisions a new monetary system with zero inflation, zero deflation, and zero transaction costs.

Investors who are fine art connoisseurs can now get a piece of a Picasso painting for $6,000 via a NFT share.

GetZen is giving away completely free ZEN cryptocurrency. No download necessary and claiming is fast and simple.

Download COIN and get 1,000 COINs. COIN can then be redeemed for XYO.

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