CryptoPick Launches Their NFT Integration - Blog #18

Welcome back to the weekly crypto roundup! Today we will be running through a new and exciting update from my Number 1 Crypto Prediction game: CryptoPick. For those of you who don’t know, CryptoPick is a great website where you can predict if coins and tokens are going up or down in the next hour, day, week or month, then win Pickies (in game currency) and even ETH! Today they’ve launched the NFT integration, and I’m going to be talking all about it. To learn more about CryptoPick, read my first article on the website.

So what is the NFT Integration?

Non Fungible Tokens are very much the latest cool thing on the Crypto block so to speak. The whole idea behind an NFT is that you can trade, sell and buy them on marketplaces. And of course, they look cool. CryptoPick has had skins since near the start in the form of achievement skins (which cannot be tokenised), but the store skins came out just a few months ago. You can buy these skins with Pickies, which can be bought from CryptoPick or won by playing games. They were never NFTs though, not until today. As you can see below, we have now got proper NFTs.

CryptoPick’s Skins are now stored in a Matic wallet on Arkane, and can be transferred to other accounts if you wish.
e9f7750dcd98750f0a35dc760c4419d487564503b411cf4651ce9dd30fad92b3.jpgThis really means YOU own the tokens! They will never be erased. And soon, CryptoPick NFTs will be able to be listed on the Arkane Market (currently not open to the public) and from what I have heard, they will soon be added on the Opensea marketplace. From then on, you will be able to buy and sell the NFTs from other players seamlessly. This will bring a lot of value to these tokens. What is more, CryptoPick’s next roadmap item is Proof of Prediction, or PoP for short. This basically means that the more skins you own in your CryptoPick wallet, the more Pickies you will earn when playing the game (you will be rewarded whether you did a correct or incorrect pick).


This will also make the NFTs even more valuable, so it really is time for NFT whales to get in on this. Skin prices could go real high soon. If you are looking at this and thinking, “sure, I want some NFTs!” then you should start picking now, because NFT drop #2 came out just a few hours ago (picture is from yesterday)! 


Lastly, owning NFTs will allow you to vote on new CryptoPick ideas and plans, with bigger NFT holders having larger voting power. This means you are actually helping to build CryptoPick!

So come on over and start picking! And hell, if NFTs really don’t catch your fancy, remember that CryptoPick still does tournaments for ETH multiple times a day, with over $15,000 given out in prizes. So what are you waiting for? Join us!

CryptoPick Link

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