CryptoPick Review: Earn Pickies and even ETH playing fun games! - Blog #7

Hello guys and welcome back to the crypto roundup. Today I’m going to be reviewing, “CryptoPick”, a simply terrific website where you can play various games to win their currency called Pickies or even ETH if you manage to get into the top 25 in a tournament.

So What Is CryptoPick?

Well, CryptoPick is a nice website where you can play 2 games and win both Pickies, the website’s currency, and Ethereum. It’s completely free to join and completely free to play, unless you stake ETH whilst playing. Even if you run out of Pickies, you can still play Moon or Doom for free and earn some back.


There are 2 games so far although I have heard that the team is planning a few more for the future. The ones so far are called Up or Down and Moon or Doom. Up or Down is based off of 5 currencies: ETH, BTC, WAVES, LINK and BNB. Basically you have to predict whether a market is going to go bull or bear over the next hour, day or week. Bull, for those of you who don’t know, is when the price of a currency goes up, and Bear is when it falls. You can bet pickies, the website currency, or Ether on this game. You will get quite a return if you are correct, but also lose all of it if you are wrong. You’ll also get some CPR or lose some if you pick the wrong way. CPR is a stat that shows if you pick correctly or incorrectly most of the time. The rewards go up as the time periods go up. So a weekly pick will gain more than an hourly. 


The second game, Moon or Doom, is another bull and bear game really. This one is slightly different however. You can pick any currency you’d like. Moon, if you don’t know, is basically Bull, and Doom is Bear. Therefore you need to select a currency you think will rise and select a currency you think will fall. If it does indeed rise or fall depending on what you picked, you earn yourself some Pickies and CPR. However, if you pick the opposite of what it says, you lose CPR and gain nothing. For this game, you can pick for every hour, day, week and month.



This is where you have the chance of winning Ethereum. The amount you can win varies with the contest, but the biggest contests have prize pools of $200. Most of the tournaments are done on Daily Moon or Doom games. You earn points by picking correctly, and lose them for picking incorrectly. The person with the most points by the end wins 22.5% of the pool (these stats are based on the XMAS special). Then it gets lower as you go down up to 34th, which gets 1.5%. These tournaments are all different but I am talking about the major ones. If you manage to win one of these contests, you can cash out your Ether to any wallet.



CryptoPick actually released a store just 3 days ago. This sells skins, that will actually become tradable after a while. So really, your skins today could be worth a lot of money in the future. The Genesis Drop is occurring right now, which is the first batch of skins. It’s going to be live for a few months until Drop 2 happens. You buy skins with Pickies, not ETH.


Is it worth using?

100% yes. I love CryptoPick. I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now and it’s genuinely a blast. It’s utterly free unless you invest ETH, and you can even win ETH by predicting cryptocurrency prices. I would definitely recommend it to you guys. So why not come on and join in? I’ll see you there


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