Alcor Exchange - Not enough CPU - Why it happens and how to fix

You're sitting in front of your filthy computer monitor . Your heart is pounding but not from the family sized order of general t'sos chicken you just inhaled like it was a light snack. Tonight is the night you have worked so hard for. You are about to stake another NFT on R-Planet and FINALLY make it to the big league: 200 aether an hour.  "I'm gonna be rich" you pant under your breath. The ever present beads of sweat create their protective sheen around your face and neck. A warm breeze rolls in from the open window as if to provide a futile gesture to cool you down. It's the most exposure you've had to the outside world in days. Finger quivering, possibly from pre-diabetic symptoms, you click the "Stake" button. Then it happens. 

"CPU Error: Not Enough CPU"


"NOOOOO!!!!" You scream.

"Shut-up down there!" Your mom yells from upstairs. She knows you won't.

"Not this damn CPU error again! Now I have to wait a whole 4 minutes to push through my transaction! This is outrageous! This is unacceptable! This is *GKAAKK*"

You choke, clutching at your chest. Pain, unbearable stabbing pain shoots through your chest and down your left arm. You try to cry for help but you just can't get the words out. Its hard to breathe, the pain is unbearable. Upstairs your mom thinks you are about to have another anger fap. In response she just turns up her crime shows' volume. Darkness closes in around you. The heart-attack came as a surprise but the coroner would later say that he's truly shocked that you lasted this long. 

Congratulations, dummy. You got yourself killed. Now lets talk about how we could have prevented your demise by answering the questions burning at the forefront of your brain. 

-What is the CPU error? - Keep reading.

-How can it be fixed? - Keep reading.

-Is there an afterlife? - No. 

-Are you going to eat that? - Yes. 

Disclaimer - None of the contents in this article are financial, medical, or spiritual advice. 

The Breakdown


  • What is the CPU error
  • Why your CPU usage fluctuates so much
  • Getting more CPU
  • Are You Going To Eat That?

What is the CPU error? (Other than a pain in the ass)


Making transactions on the WAX network does not require your own computers CPU power. Instead, the WAX network provides those resources but it only has a finite amount. Every time you make a transaction - buying, selling, staking, and even making large market orders - will use some of that up. I know you don't see the problem with being a selfish pig but the almighty crypto gods do. The first little bit of CPU power you get is a freebee but as soon is that is used up, which we all know doesn't take long, you're done until the network has enough resources to spare for you. If you want more you have to pull your weight. Yes, I could make a crack at how difficult that would be but that's just low hanging fruit, which, we all know you don't eat anyway. 

Note - Running out of CPU is NOT an Alcor Exchange Issue or the issue of whatever sad little game you're currently playing on the WAX blockchain. It is strictly a WAX network problem to be adjusted by the WAX Gods. 

Why CPU Usage Fluctuates So Much


Because there is only a limited amount of CPU, you don't have to do a damn thing for your total usage to be close to done. If a whole bunch of other people pile on to the network during a high traffic day, you are only going to receive a limited amount of those network resources. The system does frequently re-calculate how much is being used and revaluate how much is or isn't available to you. It's very likely that if its a high traffic day, you're going to have problems until that traffic subsides. 

Getting More CPU


We've identified the problem, now let's get to a solution. If you would have taken even a fraction of your enthusiasm here and applied it to your doctors advice, your life would be very different right now. Not different enough for that fedora to look good on you. Seriously, all jokes aside, burn that thing. 

To get more CPU you need to stake WAX into your CPU usage. No, you are not losing the wax you stake. The more WAX you stake, the more you are contributing to the network, the more CPU is available for you to use. 

So what is staking WAX and why am I rewarded for it? 

I'm going to keep this explanation pretty simple. If I try to get into too many details and specifics I'm just going to make myself sound as dumb as you are. I can't afford to do that, I have to maintain salty yet mildly competent exterior. 

WAX is what's called a "proof of stake" blockchain. In order for all of its transactions to remain accurate, it requires WAX to be "staked" on to the network to help verify that there is no funny business going on. If no one staked, the network would be useless because it would have no way to verify the validity of any transaction. You scratch WAX's back and WAX scratches your back back. (?) - 

There are a few ways to do this and a lot of information on how. (Seriously, I don't know why you're reading this when you could be watching some stoners youtube video that covers a hell of a lot more depth.)

The easiest way is just to do it from your WAX wallet. Just go to - Log in to your wallet - Click on "Resources"


Make sure you have "CPU" selected from the drop menu

Enter the amount of wax you want to stake and click "Stake" (You cant eat it. It's "stake" not "steak" you palooka)

c7f02d6e15ab689a3653d7e7a8d54d63895611477e18c814df4c6fa07fc2747f.pngAfter that you should be all set. 

Note - If you are already over 100% CPU usage, it may not let you immediately stake. You will have to wait until your usage resets and/or total network traffic dies down. Alternatively, using this next method I'm about to show you, you could have a friend (that's laughable)  stake some WAX into your CPU for you using

After going to Follow these 3 steps in order.

1 - The website will automatically open on the EOS market. You need to make sure you switching to WAX. 

2 - Go to "Login" and Log in with your WAX wallet.

3 - search for your own WAX wallet using the search bar.


After you have your wax information pulled up there are just a couple more steps to follow.

1 - Go to the "Wallet" tab.

2 - Click "Stake CPU/NET"

3 - Type in the WAX wallet ID of who you want to stake to. This is also how you stake to a friends wallet. They don't keep the wax, you can swill withdraw it at any time, but they do get the CPU boost. 


This method is a little bit more involved but gives a LOT more information and like I said before, it enables you to stake to other wallets even if you don't own them. 

Again, when you stake WAX you don't lose it! It's just putting it on hold in exchange for more CPU resources. 

Are You Going To Eat That?

Yes. Stop asking.

I know its a long shot but I hope you learned something. Tips help put stake in my wallet and Steak in my body. (I call your dad "Steak")



Now go forth and prosper, Dipshit. 

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The Ultimate Guide to Alcor.Exchange
The Ultimate Guide to Alcor.Exchange

There is little to no information on a full in depth breakdown of Alcor Exchange. For someone who is new to the crypto/investing there can be an overload of new information and little to no educational information on how to use it. You ask 1 question and 10 more take its place. I know because I've been there. Luckily I neurotically and pain'stakingly' (pun intended) found the answers to all of these questions. I hope you learn something you ungrateful husks!

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