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Such a beautiful life - If you do not weaken child!!!


Such a beautiful life, If you do not weaken child!!


In the "Kitchen soup for the soul" the cool crew of authors have in there

an amazing grandma sharing her lifetime tales with her dearest caretaker as she concludes

"It is such a beautiful life if you do not weaken child!!!

The devil is in the details, the devil is much weaker than you think.

The only reason you should have any ounce of fear is to how unmeasurable, uncontainable your strengths are!

Do not let your heart be troubled, do not be afraid.

No matter the circumstance, know that it is such a beautiful life if you do not weaken child!!!



As life progresses so do calamities of all kinds to test us,

occasionally throwing us off course just to get that reality check, once in a while, 

to truly know and embrace that the one truth in all life is that weakness is of the mind,

and what a beautiful life it is when you do not weaken + old age is golden.

Both good and bad or whatever opposites present forth,they have one thing in common.

Acceptance, when that acceptance happens it brings much needed freedom.

Katy Daisy Perry sings that acceptance is the key to be truly free, 

is somewhat like letting go because you open or allow yourself to be available to the life you create.


buddha on that truth

When we go through life without much acceptance we find ourselves,

moving from hardship to hardship all while losing charisma and enthusiasm.

When acceptance comes to play, A paradigm shift, a whole new mindset start being created within you,

this unlocks a lot that you had no access to, due to the no acceptance approach. 

Now as you start to observe yourself finding it easier to let go of things,

situations that do not serve your higher purpose.



You might not notice all this happening as it happens but over time when you finally look at the bigger picture,

you will realize that the stress induced resilience created in you a force that drove the much needed paradigm shift.

As your outlook turns on you and things start to go array, do not panic.

Because that is the change to embrace the change happening as a result of the newly created mindset in you.

As they always say, that so a man spends his day thinking he is, so he actually is!!!


Acceptance is the key to be truly free!!!

All we need is love!!!




Supreme love and light

Happy Diwali!


Current constellation positions

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Bless up!

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