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There are several mining clouds that are reputable, better paid because there's more reliability there. We ran through about 20 or 30 of some free mining clouds. What we have observed was that the rest are either rigged or we just can't get them to work properly as some of them keep resetting or slowing down. As soon as we observe this, we gently close that tab and move on to the next! 


The best of these turned out to be stormgain. A service we only use for its cloud mining services. So we figured we have arrived late to the mining party, by about a year. This was because we started noticing the cuts to the gains. Now one can barely make a dollar worth of daily mining by activation every 4 hours. We managed to make the 10 USDT minimum for withdrawals traded it but slept off and before it could be 50 bucks it got liquidated. But the point here is that it works so now on our second attempt we realised that there's a boost to the referral system. For every one friend you refer, you get 15% of what they withdraw and they get 3 USDT on signing up. Meaning that they only need to mine 7 USDT which is about a week before they can trade up to 50 USDT to be able to withdraw. 

Here's the proof. 


This time we'll go easy on the 10 withdrawal, because the leverage set up is pretty high and the last time we traded BTC with this account. It didn't take long before we was mining again. When you withdraw and start trading I'd advice going for BCH or Litecoin just to have a bit of ease with volatility. This time we will withdraw at 6000 USDT by reinvesting and playing around with the dips.

Here's the link

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