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This is the new normal. Get used to it. What it is? What you make of it! Every step you take counts, every breath matters, all of you matters. Giving your all matters, giving no fs matters a lot. In everyday life, in the markets, on social media and in your thought system. Everywhere, everything matters. Paying attention to detail matters a lot. Not getting it or falling for the joke instead of the point would put you off. Instead of grinding forth, you are left to spend time correcting things that should not need correction in the first place. This is everywhere. It's almost the nature of the markets. Like a mood swing you hear BCH is setting ATH (All Time High).... That's all time high by the way 😅. The next minute you read headlines telling you that BCH is plunging through its lowest lows. Moody much?


Intro : why is the detail relevant?

Paying attention to detail dies not only paint the solutions and way forward clear, paying attention to detail gives us the much needed extra time to breath and be proud that we are in the clear. Like blockchains, every detail is of utmost importance. We often overlook a lot of information because of the whatever reasons we just don't want to absorb certain lengths or types of information. Because if this, ICOs ( initial coin offering) are portfolio balance boosts for us. "What white paper? Smart contract, what is that? Market cap,oh isn't that like the top of the market or something?" If you get the point, you get the point. If you do not get the point, the devil is in the details. Its not about absorbing all the information there is but a lot about choosing the right information nation to take in, the right method of madness, we mean the right method of study/research. This is the way of taking you through inspired action. By relying on a very specific guidance system and trusting your instincts. What is your best and specific guidance system you may ask? Its you, you are your best of everything. The main reason for this is because everything that you see without you, is within you. What that means is that you have the ability to be self sufficient and remain so.

This is easily the summary of most self motivation books and self improvement guides. What makes the difference? The difference happens when you step on the platform, before opening the charts. Something magical happens, you shift into market mode. Don't mistake market mode with trading mode because that's what gets the details lost. Just staying in this market mode for a while makes sure you absorb the much needed details of whatever is happening around the markets. As per your set up, you have you tabloids, your own set up of how you orient your life. It could be that you orient your life for entertainment or learning and growth or failure but you don't know. The market mode details will help you identify what placement you are then you can shift as necessary. This will narrow your focus- very important. Once you know all that you are about it becomes easy blocking out the noise. Your plans are powered and focused on your goals and dreams. Its your vision that' sets the pace. There's too much to show you if your vision is on point or not. But what would really be an off beat vision if it's your making? The answer to this question is the reason why some enjoy making others miserable.

The point of the detail is so that we continuously improve our techniques. Its about being the best version of yourself. What that means is that you are better today then you where yesterday. You know slightly more today then you did yesterday. Unlike price fluctuations, you are ever expanding its most likely that you will never go down. If you do go down then the detail will raise you up to get to that point of knowing that it's a mindset thing, you are not really down, it's your focus point and what you make of everything. There is so much to the market mode, it's like shopping. There's different stores and shops, online and offline all over the world, I'll bet all over the galaxies. Instead of getting overwhelmed which you will or did, you want to focus on the detail. Like the blockchains , the detail wont fit with you if it does not fit your vision. You have the freedom to shift your focus point to that detail but most of what you will observe is not what you intend on observing or getting. This is entirely normal, it's like the whole world explained. But we got to win so how do we win in the world that takes giving as taking and taking as giving? Fail forward, always improving always learning never too anything to take a lesson or loss. Document it and make sure next it happens it will have mutated or something. As we said before, there is so much to the method of the market mode. Ok maybe it's not called the market mode but you get the point. That is the reason to always grow, there's always more, it's never ending. This is also the reason why you can be self sufficient, for the possibility of it and the fact that there is much more than enough to have.

Stepping on to the trading floor. Traders are known to be holding pieces of papers and a pen behind the ear, shouting at another guy who is on top of a table as they bid to buy shares and what not. Its was a sweaty fully time job, only recently did females took confidence to participate. This was a job like the others before the dot com bubble, then the bubble busted. Forth sprung the internet of things with www. Taking the lead and owning it from military hands. The likes of porn sites, search engines like Yahoo and Google took advantage of the clean platform.these inspired online shopping like Amazon, which started by selling books. Payment options became a headache, luckily Elon Musk had been coding PayPal all day and most nights. He is known to have put in about 40 hours every week on top of reading a book a day or something like that. Then came social media and in the mix came internet based brokers who made trading effortless like you have it today. Its been a long road. So maybe some of those losses are ok to take and learn more as a form of appreciation to those who had broken sweat in the making and shaping the components we have in life, which makes it easier to manifest our goals,dreams and visions. Maybe a focus on the details of creation so that the next guy ain't have to suffer as much as you did just so that it carries on. Improvement as appreciation to the galaxy at large.

Enough sediments!

Some of the best methods to trade by are choosing a side and sticking to it. Bulls or bears. Others involve both by having focus of timelines. As one timeline is in a bull-run, occasional corrections are significant on lower timelines so you can be bears and go down a bit, once in a while. Every strategy has its points and flaws. Studying your strategy will make sure you continue to grow as the market changes.

"Change is the only constant"

The markets haven't always been such a blessing, competition brought us ease. It wasn't easy to access information and get brokers or even know what assets to consider. Now we do this with little to no effort so when we fail, we fail forward into the best versions of ourselves by becoming more efficient.


In everything we do, there's patterns formed by details. Deciphering these patterns will reveal the details which then help us point out flaws which leaves the solution exposed. Its only by having gone through differences that we learn how to focus on our own. Distractions are all over the place but what we do and how we react will either send us deep or elevate us!



Love n light

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The Trillionair Challenger
The Trillionair Challenger

Observation of basics is very important. If the system fails you on the basics you understand too well, you tend to focus on those basics, building the interests that fuel the drive to greatness. This greatness overtime goes down in history for the likes of us to learn from and know that there are other ways of mastering the same basics they fail us on!

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