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As we progress in life and embrace change, we are confronted by the past in many ways,

one of which is through the discoveries from the past.

In ancient Japan lived great philosophers, scholars, academics, inventors

among other great minds that contributed to our world as we have it today.

These great minds had a no fear approach in the face of adversity,

during ancient times in Japan wonders such as the candlestick technique was discovered

and implemented for counting rice and keeping score. The candlesticks are a vital part of today's markets.

Alongside the candlesticks technique was invented or rather discovered the IKIGAI - the Japanese idea of a better life ( reason for being).


The formulation contains the sacred combination of common traits,

that when combined just right would then yield the perfect or near perfect satisfactions in life.

The IKIGAI - a state of being in which all life around one is centered, balanced and yielding that which one seeks to balance in life.

Not too much to make one greedy, not too little to make one suffer, just enough to center one's life in an all 360 degree.

The IKIGAI includes 4 areas of life, what you love, what the world needs, what you are good at and what you can get paid for.

These then combine to bring out profession, vocation, passion and mission in life. 

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The combination of these are observed in everyday life,

showing massive growth in the collective mind of society in that the second combination is observed.

The mission in life, passion in oneself, one's profession and the vocation in the world are all observed everyday,

in a rather imbalanced form. You find one with a profession and vocation sorted out but they are legging on their true mission in life,

or they are on their mission in life with a passion but are falling behind on payments and bills,

meaning that on the profession and vocation they are legging somehow.

A perfect or ideal combination of the passion, mission, profession and vocation finds equilibrium in an area of life,

to then create IKIGAI- which is not a once off, it requires constant availability and presence  to maintain, because it is a lifestyle.


When you find that which you love, combined with that which you are good at - will point you to your passion, something you'd gladly do without incentive. When combined with incentive you discover your profession, from which you are able to make a living and pay bills.

Most people are very much content with just this part of the passion and profession,

they do not give any attention to their mission in life or their vocation in the world

but instead go on thinking that their profession is their mission in life,

they get paid and call it a day!!!

Most of these people only find out at old age that they ought to care more about other things than getting paid.




A good combination to the passion and profession is what comes from what the world needs,

which is payback to mother GIA our most wonderful host.

This brings from what one loves to the world comes our mission in life and from the pay to the world comes our vocation.

Some people have their lives well balanced out without even trying or knowing, simply by diligently going through life reaping good karma never repaying bad karma. Whenever we observe the "but" usage in life we are observing the imbalance in life.




Supreme love and light

Happy Diwali!


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Bless up!

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