DXY BULL Flag/Ascending Triangle and Thank You to readers of pedalsfaster!

Here is a link to the chart work I just recently posted to my pedalsfaster account on Trading View. My philosophical BLOG under the pseudonym pedalsfaster here on Publish0x has been discontinued. Thank you to the  31 readers of my first post and the 21 readers of my second post. I have been experimenting with topics and tones. I hope you didn't suffer terribly through those wasted moments you spent reading my dribble. So hey, let's make some dough shall we. Here is a rough outline of my current ideas - which could change in an instant - based upon CURRENT market conditions. Enjoy and feel free to ask questions here or on my pedalsfaster account on Trading View. Peace and Good Luck to you all!   https://www.tradingview.com/chart/DXY/sqNzNbQi-DXY-Bull-Flag-Ascending-Triangle/     Short - Term: SHORT GOLD watch at key levels.
Currently using GLL , DZZ, and one other as a medium to short the market.
Considering INVERSE gold miner ETFs for TUES buys. Also watching out for FOMC meeting as well as ECB. WED will be when the rubber meets the road.
* Took profits on all gold mining stocks and looking for buy in opportunities according to gold price movement.
LONG BTC price movement looks steady and solid as we head towards the 100 day moving average!

Long - Term: BULLISH on Facebook and Appian as well as
Silver Miners and Royalty Companies: AG, EXK , etc. (Will post more if any interest is shown.)
- as well as ETFs- AGQ USLV
Gold Miners: SBSW and several others.
RIOT entry at 1.10, 1.00, .90 if BTC CONSOLIDATES, 1.15, 1.20, 1.25 if it continues UPWARD
I use this stock as a BTC derivative with an eye on what's going on with mining.
n For instance the new Antminer S17 and T17 have a failure rate between 20% and 30%. How will this effect RIOT's bottom line as well as the BTC halving?        

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