Splinterlands Battle Mage Secrets - Lost Legendaries

By axelx12 | The Summoner's Inn | 15 Jun 2024


Welcome to another Battle Mage Secrets Challenge, this time featuring the Lost Legendaries rule, which doesn’t allow Legendary Monsters in the battlefield.

Lost Legendaries


Well, this rule is as simple as it can be… business as usual, but Legendary Monsters are not allowed. I don’t see this as some sort of disadvantage, as long as you’re a strategic player, which doesn’t rely solely on strong Legendary cards. Legendary Summoners are still active, though, so there is that.

Actually, if you’re have been perfecting your strategy by building flexible, cohesive, synergetic teams, this rule should be a relief, knowing that your opponent can’t throw at you a team full of strong cards, which may give him the victory, even though his strategy is crap.

So, there isn’t much else to say here, besides telling you to always practice assembling teams, where there is a good level of association between Common and Rare Monsters. And you can also use Epics, so you can still use potent cards.

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Lineup & Analysis


This battle was done during a Brawl; leaving aside the ruleset, the Fray only allowed cards from the Chaos and Rebellion set, up to a Bronze level cap and they had to be Gold Foil cards. And then yes, the ruleset… FabFour, which only allows four Monsters in the field and Even Stevens, which only allows Monsters with even Mana values to be summoned. Only Fire, Earth and Dragon Splinters were active.


Considering this was a short team, because of Fabfour, but with plenty of Mana to spare I decided to generate a lot of Melee power, combining the new Earth Rebellion Summoner and already existing Monsters, which have the Double Strike attack.


  • As a Summoner, Underboss Fabino. As said, I wanted to generate a lot of Melee power, so I decided to use his +2 Melee effect in two of my cards.
  • As the tank, Grund. He doesn’t have defensive capabilities, but he can attack twice per round, because of his Double Strike, so he was the first beneficiary of Fabino’s attack boost.
  • Then, as a healer, the Goblin Psychic.
  • The other beneficiary of Fabino’s boost, was Katrelba Gobson, which luckily for me, I owe her Gold Foil version. As well as Grund, she has the Double Strike ability, but she attacks the back-line, because of her Sneak effect.
  • At last, I didn’t have many options, because of the Even Stevens rule, so I just picked and strong attacker, with a nice deal of Health, to protect Katrelba. This card was Hunter Jarx.



The battle was a success, no difficulties, no tensions. I would say my strategy was pretty good, but I should say that in this Brawl frays, not many players want/can compete efficiently because you need Gold Foil cards, so that diminish their options when building a team. I don’t know if this is the case, considering that he has Arkemis the Bear, but not the Goblin Psychic.

Anyways… I had a great advantage with my Gold Foil Gladiator. I also generated much more attack power thanks to the combination of the Summoner and two of my Monsters. Besides, my opponent, by positioning Arkemis in the second position, deprived himself of an attacking Monster, even though he protected himself with extra Armor.

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This is it guys, thank you for reading!

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