Splinterlands Battle Mage Challenge - Fog of War

By axelx12 | The Summoner's Inn | 21 Apr 2024


In this opportunity we have the Fog of War rule, so let’s get to it…

Fog of War


When this rule is in effect, Monsters can only target the first enemy unit in the opposing team. Of course, this changes if a card has the Scattershot effect or, if attacks are drawn to a card with the Taunt effect, which is not necessarily positioned as the tank.

And I would like to start with this… if you’d like to cause damage to cards in the backline, you should use Scattershot, but of course, have in mind that you won’t be able to choose which Monsters are going to be attacked.

Leaving aside that, and taking about defense, the election of the tank is very important, considering that is going to be the card taking all the damage. In my opinion, Void and Shield, although they are good traits to have, they are not enough, so you should also have an evasive tank. This means high Speed and, in particular, I like to use cards with Phase, so I’m also able to dodge Magic attacks, making my tank truly untouchable.


Since the tank is so important, the rest of the team should be picked with the idea, primarily, to assure it survives; healers, Armor repair, and cards that increase your evasion, like the Neutral card, “Supply Runner” or the Reward card, “Clockwork Aide”


Old battle from an old post, which hasn’t been curated, so I would like to refloat its battle, since it has the same rule, Fog of War. In this case you can see how my tank’s insane evasion and the Summoner’s Phase addition to my team, allows me to hold the line impeccably. Battle Link

Offensive wise…, well… try to do as much damage as possible. Magical attacks are a great option, since Phase is not an usual effect in the lower leagues, but you could try using Blast, to damage possible healers or use Monsters with Affliction, to compromise the healing of the enemy tank.

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Lineup & Analysis

Battle done in the Wild Format, Silver level cards for me, Novice level for my opponent… but even with the level difference, I consider his lineup dangerous enough to beat a higher-level team. Anyways, following the ideas mentioned before, I assembled a team with a highly evasive tank.



  • I chose the Water Splinter, so Kelya Frendul as a Summoner. The Enrage rule works great with her, because of her Speed boost.
  • In first position the Venari Marksrat, to boost my tank of choice stats.
  • Then, the tank, Djinn Oshannus. His base Speed stat is quite high… five points… alongside with the Martyr boost, Kelya’s boost and the Enrage effect, he’s truly untouchable. Let’s remember that at level two, he also evades Magic attacks.
  • Then, River Hellondale. Especially here, to Resurrect the Martyr, to double boost Oshannus stats.
  • In fourth position, the Merdhampir. Not particularly strong, but his Life Leech effect, prevents a probable immortal card, since it takes down your max Health by one point, with each hit.
  • Just two Mana points left, so the Xenith Archer… what can I say… a weak attacker, but it is what it is.

The battle was a total success, not only because of the level difference, in my opinion, but also because of the strategy, since I actually make use of the Enrage ability, if I have a chance. When said rule is in effect, I like to take a risk and not use a Healer, since the effect disappears, if the card is totally healed.

If the Enrage effect wouldn’t have been there, I’d have replace River by the Supply Runner, because of his Swiftness and the Xenith Archer for a Healer.

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