Splinterlands Battle Mage Challenge - Five Alive

By axelx12 | The Summoner's Inn | 13 Apr 2024


Welcome again to another Battle Mage Secrets Challenge, this time featuring the Five Alive rule, which only allows you to position five Monsters.

But before that, a complaint about the bots in the game… I don’t mind them in Ranked battles, I actually think they’re a good way of having easy wins. However recently, we had to let go two members in my Guild who were not active in Brawls… as soon as they were out, almost immediately, two other members joined, bots, since we have an Open Guild… I kicked them out, since I want real players… and two others joined…


I took the responsibility for filling frays in my Guild, so at least I wanted to use these bots to reap points, for at least defending a fray in the upcoming Brawl… I couldn’t, because the owners of the bots didn’t accept the new Terms of Service… this happened to me with four bots. So now, the Guild had to change its Open membership to “By Request”, which greatly reduces its capacity of attracting new members. Can we at least keep the bots away from Guilds?

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Five Alive


Simple rule, which only allows a team assembled with five Monsters… I cannot really say that there is some specific tactic to approach this kind of battles, since you’re almost capable of exploiting your full deck potential… is not as limiting as the Fab Four rule, which only allowed four Monsters.

So, I would say… business as usual… tank, healer, reliable back liner… adapt to the other rules the battle may have.

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Battle #1


Lineup& Strategy

This first battle was done in the Modern Format. I have Silver level cards, my opponent had Bronze level ones. Plenty of Mana available, but only two Splinters active, Water and Fire. Water gives you more healing options and Speed, and it offensive capabilities are great, so I went withWater.



  • Kelya Frendul as a Summoner. Speed and Armor protection.
  • As a tank, Noa the Just. Highly evasive, plus his Rust effect leaves enemy cards much more exposed to other attacks.
  • As back up tank, granting an attack to Noa, the Kulu Mastermind. At level two this card works great as a tank, since it gets Shield.
  • Then, the tank healer, the Merdaali Guardian, who also profits from the Kulu’s Weapon Training.
  • As a backline healer, the Spirit Hoarder. His Dispel effect at level two is great, in case of possible buffs, from Martyrs, Bloodlust or else.
  • At last, to draw possible Magic attacks away from Noa, the Wave Brood with his Taunt effect.

I would say the battle went perfectly… the Wave Brood’s hit points, plus Triage, are too great of a barrier for a lot of teams and the synergy created by the three first cards are great; while Noa with his Speed and gifted attack, holds the line, the Kulu takes down enemy healers… all this while the Merdaali heals both of them, and just in case, finishes the job with the attack given by the Kulu… and she actually did.

Battle Link

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Battle #2


Lineup& Strategy

Wild Format here and against a bot… with Bronze cards… in Diamond zone… anyways… even though I could’ve assembled a larger team, since there was little Mana and an Explosive Weaponry rule, I chose to keep it simple by using fewer cards.



  • Kelya as a Summoner… again, Speed and that Armor point which helps against the Blast.
  • As a tank the Coastal Sentry. I chose a very offensive and fast tank with a Double Strike, to cause as much damage as possible.
  • Then, a Martyr. Since the tank has Armor, the Martyr’s death would rebuild it, extending her life and attack, of course.
  • With two Mana points left, I positioned Igor Darkspear, a simple Ranged attacker.

The Sentry’s Double Strike and Kelya’s buffs, made it an easy win, however, I should point out that my opponent’s tank was level three, while mine was level five. When the Barbarian is at level five it gets Retaliate, which means there is a chance that it will return Melee attacks and, considering its attack and Speed is insane when Enraged, it could’ve been a defeat if the Barbarian would’ve been at my level.

Battle Link

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