Custom Splinterlands Battle Mage Challenge

By axelx12 | The Summoner's Inn | 1 Dec 2023


Welcome to this Custom Challenge. To be honest I didn’t have any Amplify battle worth sharing, so I decided to share one of my latest favourite battles, where my prediction of my opponent lineup fell right into place and I was able to counter attack perfectly, with no casualties; a flawless victory.

Card Analysis


So as you know, and if you don’t know you should, this game is mostly about associating cards to heighten each cards strength… so, sinergy. And one of the cards that allow the creation of a great Magic counter attacking team is Sthispa.

Sthispa grants the Phase ability to all of your Monsters, which is the ability to dodge Magic attacks. Now I do not believe that Shispa can be used that often, I believe she should be used only in very specific circumstances. In this case I was quite sure my opponent was going to use a Magic lineup.

With the exception of certain cards, most Magic Monsters tend to be either slow or average when it comes to Speed, and Sthispa opens a door to dodge those Monsters attacks, if you combine her with the appropriate cards.

So cards with high Speed and Flying and/or Dodging abilities are great partners for Sthispa; the Pelacors, the Void Dragon, Regal Peryton, Phantasm, etc.




Lineup & Strategy

As I mentioned, I was able to predict a Magic lineup, so I prepared accordingly. I should say that the Fog of War rule improves this team even more, since I can be confident that all my enemy attacks are going straight to the tank, which is the Monster that’s suppose to hold the lineup.



  • As a Summoner, Sthispa of course, granting Phase to all of my Monsters.
  • As a tank, the Regal Peryton, one of the fastest Monsters in the game, with six points of Speed and the ability to Fly. Alongside with Sthispa’s Phase, it’s almost an untouchable Monster.
  • As a backup tank, I placed the Runic Skyclaw, which has the same Speed and Flying ability as the Regal Peryton. He cannot attack in the first postion, but he was there just in case Regal died. I would’ve prefer to use the Void Dragon there, but Legendaries where not allowed. Otherwise, I would’ve also used a Martyr before the tank with that extra Mana.


  • The Scavo Technomancer, in third position. Not one of my favourites, but I wanted a Blast effect, in case the enemy tank was too much to handle. The Blast can take away potential Healers or Armor Repairers.
  • In fourth place, the Goblin Psychic, as a Healer of course. It was 100% necessary for keeping the Regal Peryton in game.
  • Last but not least, the Clockwork Aide, to give my tanks even more evasion.

Battle Link


This battle is another great example of the importance of Speed. Even though I was outnumbered in attack power and health points, the inability of my opponent to land strikes, allowed me to win. Another great thing is that both of our lineups, my opponent’s and mine, are quite strong, yet compounded by Common and Rare cards, with the exception of Sthispa, which is an Epic and the Clockwork Aide, but this last one is a Reward Soulbound card, so anyone can get it.

This is it guys, thanks for stopping by!


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