Today we're going to give, give and donate!

Today we're going to give, give and donate!

By Soyunasantacruz | The Spirituality | 13 Oct 2019

Hello, welcome to my post, today we are going to Give, Give, Donate, Give good information about the action of Giving.


Did you understand, hehehehe, what does it mean to give? for the Real Academia Española Larousse year 2007 page 315 "To give is to yield, to put in hands or at the disposal of another", has many meanings but we will take the previous one for effect of the topic in development.


Donating also has to be a good habit and behavior, if you try to receive something first you have to give it, you give what you deserve, when we are generous and give without the intention of receiving something in return, we receive greater blessings.





We must give before trying to obtain, if I want material wealth I must give wealth in love, the wealth of friendship, among other things.



There are three ways of giving:

  1. Giving the word: which is guiding others to the encounter with God.
  2. Donating the body: and I know that it sounds a little strange and it is not a question of donating an organ or providing services of any other kind, although the donation of organs is something very noble, it is a question of using our body in the action of moving ourselves to help the needy.
  3. Donating money: it is when one pays a service, a debt or something with gratitude, donating money or objects to help.


If you are not in the habit of giving, start with something small even if it is difficult for you, help your nearest loved one, help with household chores, give a word of encouragement, donate money, food or medicine to those who need it.


Begin with those that are more difficult for you, if it is to donate money and it is what you need, make it so be a few cents but without pain, you must do it from detachment and the sense of charity and kindness and you will see how little by little the money will multiply you, you will be able to correct all your needs.  


Today there are many millionaires who reached wealth very quickly, that is the product of giving people and the world, an idea, a project, something that benefited everyone, started giving others, for example Mark Zuckerberg with Facebook, thousands of people reunited, communicating millions with their relatives in other countries and now there are internal markets and trade in that social network.




And to finish this post and if you've read this far, don't forget to watch the video that they will like.


video uploaded by Niko Calamillor, the Year 2015

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God bless you.


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