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Blogger beginner, Lic in Administration, Lover of travel and photography. Publications on Spirituality, Prosperity, Recreation, and tourism. Single with the desire to start a family, learning from a new world about blockchain. welcome

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Prose "I have become a dolphin"

2 days ago 1 minute read Soyunasantacruz

Prose "I have become a dolphin"   Image by Willyam Bradberry from Pixabay     I wake up very early and the sun hasn't warmed up my body. Is it because I live in the ocean?   I feel very relaxed and the calm waves take me to the deepest waters. I go w...

Cayoning in Pozo Azul

4 days ago 1 minute read Soyunasantacruz

Cayoning in Pozo Azul   An adventure tour implies that a series of challenges must be passed to reach the end of the goal. Many times, the adventure ends in a few seconds but the memory and the adrenaline feeling generated by that moment last fo...

Do you know Vipassana? Do you know what a spiritual retreat is?

4 days ago 2 minute read Soyunasantacruz

Do you know what a spiritual retreat is? Today I want to share with you information about a non-profit organization, whose main mission is AWAKENING CONSCIOUSNESS.   Do you know Vipassana?   Vipassana means to see things as they are. It is one o...

Publish0xTutorials Learn how to create a publication (post) Publish0xTutorials / Aprende a crear una publicación (post) Publish0xTutorials

1 week ago 7 minute read Soyunasantacruz

Hello publish0x community, today I'm a participant of the 5th Publish0x Writing Contest - #Publish0xTutorials organized by Igor Tomić What is the #Publish0xTutorials Writing Contest and what are the contest rules?   It is created in order to gathe...

Capital Sins// I confess to you.

3 weeks ago 1 minute read Soyunasantacruz

  These are my sins.   Today I confess to you a sinner and not as holy as I seem, maybe I have one or two sins more profound than others, but here? that I am a human being has not sinned, that's what we are, imperfect beings, now if we want to go af...

Failure will not defeat you if your determination to succeed is strong enough.

4 weeks ago 2 minute read Soyunasantacruz

While I was tidying up a drawer I found an old notebook, where I used to write down summaries of some books I had read, the phrases I read about the greatest seller in the world made me think that it was an extraordinary book.     My second thou...

A cathedral inside a mine in Zipaquira Colombia / Tourism and Travel.

13 Jan 2020 2 minute read Soyunasantacruz

  Zipaquira Salt Cathedral It is a sacred place built inside the old salt mines, almost 200 meters deep, it is called cathedral exclusively because of its grandiosity.   Zipaquirá is 49 Km from Bogotá if you are in Bogotá capital of Colombia the...

The Master and the Disciple (parable )🙇

4 Jan 2020 1 minute read Soyunasantacruz

The master and the disciple   origen   This was a disciple who wanted to be the best, the most dedicated, outstanding, and enlightened of all his group. He dreamed of winning over his master whom he admired so much, and one day he sat down in front o...

In nature / En la naturaleza

3 Jan 2020 1 minute read Soyunasantacruz

In nature / En la naturaleza Enjoying nature revitalizes us and makes us more sensitive, today I come to show you a little of the Venezuelan plains specifically of the state of Guarico - Venezuela. Disfrutar de la naturaleza nos revitaliza y n...

Personal experience Teacher, tell me the truth about the Christmas gift

23 Dec 2019 2 minute read Soyunasantacruz

Teacher, tell me the truth, does the baby Jesus exist? It seemed to be an afternoon like all the others, the time was approaching to give the class to the group of 3rd-grade children, I decided to do something different, I would give the class in a c...