If you are NOT playing this game, you are missing OUT!!!!

If you are NOT playing this game, you are missing OUT!!!!

By Thercek | The Silent Crypto-miner | 22 Sep 2021

Hello everyone! I hope that we are all having a great week so far?! I am writing this blog post to let you know about my recent experiences with an NFT game called Splinterlands! Splinterlands is a blockchain based trading card game that rewards it's users with cryptocurrency! The main currency of the game is called Dark Energy Crystals, or DEC for short. You can get these just by winning matches and tournaments, or by even burning unwanted cards or even renting them out! If you are just starting in the game, the main priority is to get your low level cards leveled up a little! You can check out my post on Splintertalk.io for a few easy ways to build and keep your DEC as easy as possible! Check out the link below:


In the link, you will find info on easy ways to get some free DEC, as well as instructions on using the cardauctionz.com website to get DEC back on all of your card purchases, putting more of that DEC back in your cryto-wallet! 

Another easy way to get good cards quickly is taking advantage of Splinterlands' in-game card renting market! You can rent high level cards to help rank up or compete in tournaments to win prizes that you normally would not even be able to win! I have placed in several tournaments already using this, and can say it definitely helps! 


The next benefit that I would like to talk about today is the daily airdrop that Splinterlands does for it's player base. Every day, and airdrop hits that can be claimed daily, and the amount you get increases as you play the game and increase your collection power(fully dependent on card in your account), your in game DEC, and various other items from the game and community! I have just started a week ago, and have already collected over my initial $10 investment just from the airdrop points!


Another way to make easy money in Splinterlands is by taking advantage of their current leaderboards. The top 25 people in each ranking can compete for thousands of DEC at the end of each 2 week season! I have just started playing and have already made it into the top 700 in the Silver 3 division! Which lets me know that it is definitely possible to get to the top 25! I will update on that at the end of the season!

So far, I have definitely made WAY more of of the game than I have put into it, and it is definitely fun to play. My current card value is at almost $700 and still climbing! It is a no-brainer in my opinion to check it out! If you are interested, sign up using my link below to get started with a few good starter cards to help you start unlocking your own!


Well, that is all for today guys! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to leave a comment below! I check and will respond! I hope that you all try out this game before it explodes to a point where cards are to expensive to get started! Get in NOW, before it is too late! I will make another post soon regarding how many other ways there are to generate income using Splinterlands, and the Hive blockchain in general! Until then, stay motivated and keep bringing in that money!


-The Silent Crytominer

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The Silent Crypto-miner
The Silent Crypto-miner

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