Just DYOR and WAGMI: A Crypto Lingo Guide

By TheWriteVictor | The World of Crypto | 11 Feb 2022

If you're not someone who's grown up in the trenches of Reddit or similar spaces online, you may be reading an article and come across an acronym that you've never seen before. And as you read other comments, peruse the rest of the article, you find nothing that gives you a hint. You end up Duck Duck Going the term just to be in the know.

Duck Duck Go no more, my friends. Here is your acronym cheat sheet.


Fear of missing out. When you see a coin your friend invested in flying halfway to the moon and your genius self was left out. Now you want to throw your salary in to not miss out on the gains. You've got FOMO.


Fear, uncertainty, doubt. When people who are probably in over their heads are freaking out, they are gripped by FUD.


Decentralized Autonomous Organization. An organization that is governed and run by the users of that organization who each get an equal vote, instead of a traditional company where what the boss says goes.


Decentralized Exchange. No custodians here. Bring your own wallet, shop around for a sell order, and buy crypto without a centralized broker owning your keys.


Decentralized Finance. Any kind of financial institution or system that involves decentralization.


We are all gonna make it. Stop panicking! Now is not the time to PANIC! STOP FREAKING OUT AND BREATHE! JUST BREATHE! WAGMI!!


Hold on for dear life. This coin right here. This guy. Hodl it. HODL IT. If you wake up a year from now and you've hodled the whole time, you'll be on the moon, my friend.


Do your own research. Don't trust me. I'm not a financial advisor, those guys are all shmucks anyways and part of a corrupt, outdated system. I'm just a dude who made millions off a hair-brained investment. DYOR, bro.


All-time high. It took years for it to get there, but damn, that ATH is impressive.


Annual percentage yield. The percentage of your investment that you'll make back in one year. A $100 investment into an account with 15% APY will net you $15 after 12 months. Which is better than .015% API any day.


Not gonna make it. Bail. Abort, Abort, Abort. Get out now, that thing is NGMI.


Content Delivery Network. Usually a network of distributed servers that deliver web content to users. Or, in crypto communities, the quick and seamless transfer of assets, i.e. money.


Non-fungible token. You know, that monkey thing that wears goggles and has gold fur? He's in a boat club of some kind? Doesn't ring any bells? NFTs can be 'anything', but for the most part, they are digital art pieces.


Play to earn. No, no, no, we don't play to win anymore. That's for people with god complexes and damaged psyches who just can't accept losing at something. Us? We play to earn, baby. Make that passive income!


Decentralized application. Mostly blockchain apps or mobile blockchain games, but they can be messaging apps or even DEXs.


Did I miss any? If I did, comment it below, and may we grow smarter for it.


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