BSV To Be Listed on Coinbase? Trading Coming Soon?
BSV To Be Listed on Coinbase? Trading Coming Soon?

Bitcoin SV has been officially listed on Coinbase, as you can see when logging in, but just not tradeable.

However for some folks, depending on their location, have been able to buy it from their coinbase account... but they may not yet be able to actually buy, sell or trade in BSV - yet.

Sources inside Coinbase confirm that the exchange has secretly planned to list the asset for awhile now,  and have been quietly preparing.

As of today, 2/11/20, you can login to Coinbase you can see BSV being listed in your "portfolio."  

Much like 2017 when the exchange pulled off a controversial BCH ‘surprise listing,’ - after quietly and secretly loading up its bags beforehand,  prompting accusations of improper trading or exchange practices.

However, now in 2020,  Coinbase seems to be repeating the same controversial launch pattern;  quietly buying up BSV with BTC,  in preparation to launch the newly traded asset on their platform.

As history has shown before, this could possibly cause BSV to see huge price increases simply by being listed as tradable on the exchange.

Just in the past 30 days,  BSV has seen a 350% price increase in trading.

Combine that with a possible pending launch on a major exchange and you are sure to have BSV getting some serious price pumps.

Could Coinbase simply be hoarding BSV until finally launching it on its own platform?


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