Do Addictions Exist? How To Quit Smoking Easily?

The subconscious mind accepts every statement as "true". Unfortunately, and unknowingly, people are being programmed from birth. That is the reason why most people grow up into replicas of their parents and surroundings. Bob Proctor met a family from Kuala Lumpur, with a four-year-old child that speaks four languages. Almost everybody would instantly experience a mental meltdown as a result of "shock", but Bob explained it simply: "The baby was programmed by parents that speak four languages". Most of us accept statements without having a chance to discover if those statements/claims are true. The same goes for ads and warnings about cigarettes (for example). You see, on a daily basis we can hear a hundred times something like "tobacco is addictive", "cigarettes are cancerous". The ONLY reason some smokers do not die of cancer after 30-40 years of smoking, and some do is the "paradigm". Those that died of cancer didn't get it "thanks to" smoking. As weird as it sounds, their own minds created/manifested/materialized the idea of death caused by cancer.

I've been a passionate smoker for 12 years. Until I changed my paradigm, I was unable to quit. The more I thought of that act as "addiction", instead of "habit", the harder it was for me to restrain, but once I realized I cannot be addicted to anything except food, water, and oxygen, the paradigm began to change, so I finally quit smoking.

Try it out! Change the vision you have regarding your habits, and be sure the change is gonna come!



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