WAX Gaming: Mission Control & Its Reward System

In the history of blockchain gaming, WAX blockchain has been one of the chains that opens huge opportunities for players to engage with a lot of free-to-play games and bag huge rewards afterwards.
Alien Worlds is a virtual metaverse game that allows players to earn by playing. It is an application that uses the Play-to-Earn model by incentivizing the participation of users by giving them NFT packs from the game or currencies like Trilium (TLM). With this clear understanding built by explorers like me and you, there are a lot of games built already on Alien World and one of them is Mission Control sponsored by Galactic Hubs, a hub that provides grant funding year-round to capable teams to build Alien Worlds games, tools, events, and more!

Mission Control Overview

For over a week now, I've been interacting with the Mission Control game and as an easy-to-play game, it will interest you to check this out and enjoy it to the fullest.
There are six features attached to Mission Control on its play icon:


On Mission Control, the use of Alien World is important, however, earning $TLM is free through mining every 2 minutes of your claim but if you need to earn MC points on the platform, it is important to pay attention to the Outpost Builder, the number one feature attached to Mission Control play icon. At the time of this post, I'm building up my MC points through Outpost Builder and I can see huge progress and the effect it will have on my weekly rewards afterwards.
N.B: As you strategically build your MC through Outpost Builder, your level increases.

Strategy 1: As a new player on Mission Control, Exploder is your useful tool on Outpost Builder. This is a manual mining facility that yields Я, as your planet's journey in the outer regions (Cosmos) begins without any Я, and this becomes stronger depending on your production buildings but has a minimum yield in case you have no automatic production rate yet.
N.B: Use your exploder wisely, and don't forget you have 10 times usage every day.

Strategy 2: As a player ready to construct new buildings and set to expand your base to extract more and more resources, named Я, then you need to use the Spaceport to send Я to Mission Control headquarters on Naron, and Mission Control will reward you with MC Points ✮ in return. As of the time of this post, it takes 562,500Я to hit Spaceport level one.

There are a lot of things to learn along the journey, but one needs to build resources, level up and position fo more opportunities to earn more rewards at the end of every season.

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