Not seeing enough ads in your Brave browser? This tip may help!

By ScreenTag | The Other Side | 31 Aug 2020

Quite a few Brave users are complaining they don't gt to receive enough ad notifications to their browser. Although this depends in part to the country you are located (something that may be easily solved by using a VPN, free or paid), it also depends on the websites you navigate at.

To get this, you need to understand how Brave's ad distribution system works.

As mentioned, one factor is to have campaigns running for users located in your country. However, with Brave, all three parties of the triangle have to be met, in order for an ad notification to be triggered; advertisers, users and publishers. So, even if a campaign is running in your country, only if you visit a publisher's website (and the publisher has selected to allow ads triggered when visiting their website), the ad notification is triggered and displayed on your device. If you don't, nothing happens.

Our website is a verified publisher, and we allow ad notifications to be triggered when visiting our website. Just go to and get an ad notification triggered. Even if you are not interested in our platform, a small tip would be much appreciated - although it may take a few weeks to reach us. A single device may earn quite a few BATs (the device this article is being written has earned over 7 BATs in August), just by browsing our own website.

This is how we all win!

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