Dear User Manual

By Farfalle | The Noodle | 17 Dec 2020

Dear User

Thank you for the prompt purchase of this and you. We hope for satisfaction.

What is acceptable

Basic Installation, Attachment, and Inauguration

Figure 1    a89495ba20bc914b3244516fdacc00b59756697154f3945f599aa07fcc6234a4.jpeg

Read manual in entirety before proceeding with commencement. The human induction function may be a factor as discussed. When ready acknowledge Green Light on product.

Please respond in the following affirmatives. Respond in prompted cases during this stage for most likely result in satisfaction.

  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • sometimes
  • yes
  • yes
  • never
  • no
  • yes

Observe proximity to human body at this time. Observe humidity at this time. Observe ambient light at this time. Keep note before pasting.

Exclamation MarkMatters Needing Attention Question Mark

  • When the surrounding is dark, and and someone passes, please charge in time.
  • Red Light is extinguished when using plenty of electricity.
  • In the Penumbra, the sensitivity and the distance of the human body will decrease.
  • The adhesive is very strong! Carefully choose location and then paste, please!
  • Blue Light should not appear. Do not appear Blue Light.
  • This product should be avoided in humid environment, air conditioning, or kitchen, and so on near the heat source. Otherwise, it may use the malfunction of the human body induction function. For example the product appears bright.
  • Under temperature extremes, the human body induction shorter, and the sensitivity of induction decreases, and so on. This may lead to temporary failure. Please return to normal and then test again.
  • Please do not test dark environments. Only test the product inducing dark environments.

Thank you for following safe practices and our guidelines. We hope for satisfaction. Refer to User Manual diagrams for additional questions, please!

Figure 2 Figure 3Under No Instances!

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