The No-Shill Zone - Episode 1: We Deserve Better. It's time to demand it.

The No-Shill Zone - Episode 1: We Deserve Better. It's time to demand it.

By Vinzalf | The No-Shill Zone | 1 Feb 2020


I'll start off by saying I eschew traditional writing standards. I write as I speak and I speak as I write. The ideas and writings henceforth are honest and unedited.    

Episode 1 (1/31/2020) - We Deserve Better. It's time to demand it.

Once upon a time, long before the days of Bitcoin, it was almost common sense that the development of groundbreaking technology was as much a creative endeavour as it was a technical one.   

This line of thought has since been all but lost in many areas, especially in the Cryptocurrency sector.  

There's a pattern in business that a winning product or brand or technology is only incrementally updated to renew interest when interest begins to wane.  

It must be understood that this is the nature now of this industry.  

And it must be understood that this has taken hold of it before the technology has even begun to be creatively explored.  

The unfortunate reality is that since Bitcoin began to gain actual value, the evolution of those initial ideas were not evolutions at all, but mere incremental updates.  

The world has become enamoured with the idea of the blockchain as if that was the most important technology driving Bitcoin. It isn't.  

We've all forgotten that the Blockchain is not the technological advancement. It's only one expression of the idea of a decentralized network. Bitcoin's Blockchain is one of the earliest, arguably simplistic expressions. And even advancements like Smart Contracts are built upon that idea. An idea that was never changed or refined, and an idea that has several weaknesses that go unaddressed.  

Since then, in all but the most rare of cases, we have coin after coin, fork after fork, "revolutionary buzzword" after "revolutionary buzzword", derived from that.  

The technology has been put in a box(or block, rather) and called this, and only this.  

Gone, for the most part, are the creative minds who develop out of love for what they do. They have been replaced by the shallow intellect of people whose only goal is wealth.  

But they forget that it is the people who created this industry. The people who chose to adopt this technology. And thats what gives this technology not only staying power, but value.  

And when their profits have dried up, perhaps new expressions, instead of derivatives, can rise to the forefront.  

We deserve better. And it's up to us to demand better. Look not to the pseudo-intellectual suits and their attempts to sell you anything they can. Or to the team of hired coders driven by a meglomaniac with a "grand vision". Look instead to the quiet ones. To the lone coders collaborating and discussing. Who may have little, but love to create.  

These are the projects we should be supporting. Not just with our dollars. And not just for our own personal gain in wealth, but so we can push forward the technologies that will lead to real progress.  

It's time to shake things up. It's time to think outside the block(chain).    




Professional Application Developer Market Analyst Working in the Cryptocurrency Sector since 2015

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