BNB, ETH, LUNA and SCRT. ALSO Batman doing his thing.

ETH, BNB, LUNA and SCRT | Chart Analysis | Another Rejection | 05 MAR

By Joao16 | The New Publish0x Times | 5 Mar 2022

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Ethereum Analysis

ETH reject EMA56 again and is now currently on the biggest support EMA500 (2600$), I don't really think we are going to break now maybe ETH will go sideways a couple of days and then it breaks UP or DOWN. In my opinion we are going to break down because the rejections we had were very strong.




LUNA Analysis

On the other hand LUNA is still bullish but reject 90$ in the last few days and made a big selling bar today, is now on the EMA8 support not a very strong support but still if it holds stays bullish if not it will probably go to EMA21 (The red line).





BNB Analysis

Not a lot to say about BNB, going sideways waiting for BTC to Break up or down.





SCRT Analysis

A new chart but right now still bearish but on the biggest support let's see if it holds and then breaks above EMA21.






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Supertrend Indicator Daily and Weekly

ETH |  Weekly chart |   Down Trend |                         
       |  Daily chart     |   Down Trend |                         
LUNA  |  Weekly chart |   UP Trend   |                      
           |  Daily chart     |   UP Trend    |                        
BNB |  Weekly chart  |   UP Trend      |       
        |  Daily chart      |  Down Trend  |                        
SCRT |  Weekly chart  |     No Data    |                         
          |  Daily chart     | Down Trend  |                         



RSI Indicator

ETH, BNB and SCRT reject 50 which is a Bearish sign. Luna is still above 60 which is very good to continue the short bull market.















Suports and resistences

ETH |  Suport -> 2600$                    
       |  Resistence ->3000$          
LUNA  |   Suport  ->  80$            
           |  Resistence ->90$                   
BNB   |  Suport  -> 350$
          |  Resistence ->  420$                
SCRT   |  Suport  -> 5.6$
            |  Resistence -> 4.5$                


Volume (in the last 7 days)

ETH | 500k->559k Bigger, Eth is on a big support it's normal the big volumes.     
LUNA |  5.2M->6.3M Bigger, Luna is on a big resistence it's normal the big volumes.                
BNB  |  790K->800K Bigger.                  
SCRT  |  860K->821K Lower.                 


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