AAVE, BTC, BAT, CAKE and... Breaking Bad?

BTC, AAVE, BAT and CAKE | Chart Analysis | WHAT. A. DAY. | 25 FEB

By Joao16 | The New Publish0x Times | 25 Feb 2022

I can't start this post without sending prays to ukraine, I hope this nightmare ends sooner than we expect.


Bitcoin Analysis

Because crypto markets have only been here for 10 years we never saw the impact of Pandemics or Wars or some other thing in this markets until 2019 when COVID hit and now what could possible be the 3rd World War. But what does that mean? Means we have to be carefull and today as a great example of that... When BTC hit 34k after the news of Russia invading Ukraine everyone would though that the crypto market would start going down like hell like Stocks on the 2nd World War. But what really happen as great recovery from 35k to 38k its still bellow EMA500 and 0.78 of the FIB retracement but still a good sign showing that even with a war people want to have Bitcoin. In the nexts few days BTC can test 40k again but let's hope Bad news don't f*ck everything like COVID-19 did when it appear.




BAT Analysis

BAT also got a good buying power which coould mean he is trying to get above 0.80$ but it's too soon to tell, because we have to confirm that with more buying power in the nexts few days.




AAVE Analysis

Still very Bearish i don't think right now Aave is a good coin to buy with all the things that are happening.



CAKE Analysis

Also a good buying power but still very bearish, they are all depending o BTC if he fails they fail hard if not maybe they just go sideways and thats why i don't think these coins are good for now. Let's hope it gets better in the future.



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Supertrend Indicator Daily and Weekly

BTC |  Weekly chart |   Down Trend |                         
       |  Daily chart     |  Down Trend  |                         
AAVE  |  Weekly chart |  Down Trend  |                      
           |  Daily chart    |  Down Trend  |                        
BAT |  Weekly chart  |   Uptrend       |       
        |  Daily chart     |  Down Trend |                        
CAKE |  Weekly chart  |  Down Trend |       
          |  Daily chart     |  Down Trend |                        


RSI Indicator

All of them still bellow 50, but BTC is trying to find a support.











Suports and resistences

BTC |  Suport ->  36.8k and 30k                      
       |  Resistence ->40k and 45k                    
AAVE |   Suport  -> 125$                    
           |  Resistence -> 150$                        
BAT   |  Suport  ->  0.65$
         |  Resistence -> 0.75$                     
CAKE |  Suport  ->  6$
          |  Resistence -> 8$                     



Volume (in the last 7 days)

BTC | 37k->44k Bigger, but still low.             
AAVE |  88k->100k Bigger.                     
BAT  |  11.2M->12.3M Bigger.
CAKE | 2.2M->2.3M Bigger.                  


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