The Kanaloa Network Diamond Token Generator Testnet is live!

Here it is Kanalonis!

The Kanaloa Diamond Token Generator V1.0 is live on the BSC-Testnet!

For the next 45 - 60 days the Kanaloa Community is going for a ride!

Goal of this Testnet deployment is to stress-test the product, so get in there and get started creating contracts!

How does it work?

Step 1: Follow the steps to integrate the BSC Testnet that posted in the official Telegram chat: 


Step 2: Open the link:

Step 3: Connect your wallet

Step 4: Start creating tokens!


Phase 1: contact the Kanaloa Team in the official Telegram chat: 

Phase 2: use the Faucet provided in the following update to get more testnet KANA


To celebrate the milestone reached, we are holding a big testing challenge, for this everyone is eligible to participate, just follow the steps above to become a tester!

What’s the competition:
- Test the generator, and create your own coins!

- Find TECHNICAL issues and report them via the forms provided below. 

- Provide feedback about the user experience and how you feel about the UI with the corresponding form below.

- Hold at least 200’000 KANA during the testing period

How long does it last?
- the whole testing time, anywhere from 45-60 days

How do I win?
- Users reporting qualified technical issues qualify to win 

- Prizes will be distributed by at the discretion of the team within the qualified members (raffles are possible)
- Only qualified submissions are eligible, spam gets disqualified 


What are the prizes?

  • The Top Kanaloa Network Tester will receive a special PRICE: 1x hand-made, only 5 ever produced, 15g pure 999 Silver KANA coin fitted with a real diamond! (Yes! we are doing the physical diamond token thing!) 
  • The Top 3 Kanaloa Network Testers will receive a special, not yet released Kanaloa NFT 
  • ALL testers that qualify will share an airdrop of a total of 1 million KANA, claimable after testing ends. 

What can Diamond tokens do and how are they superior? An exerb of the creator notes by Nick Mudge 

    1. A stable contract address that provides needed functionality.
    2. A single address with the functionality of multiple contracts (facets) that are independent from each other but can share internal functions, libraries and state variables.
    3. A way to add, replace and remove multiple external functions atomically (in the same transaction).
    4. Fine-grained upgrades, so you can change just the parts of a diamond that need to be changed.
    5. Have greater control over when and what functions exist.
    6. Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) and other governance systems can be used to upgrade diamonds.
    7. An event that shows what functions are added, replaced and removed.
    8. The ability to show all changes made to a diamond.
    9. Increase trust over time by showing all changes made to a diamond.
    10. A way to look at a diamond to see its current facets and functions.
    11. Have an immutable, trustless diamond.
    12. Solves the 24KB maximum contract size limitation. Diamonds can be any size.
    13. Separate functionality can be implemented in separate facets and used together in a diamond.
    14. Larger contracts have to reduce their size by removing error messages and other things. You can keep your error messages and the full functionality that you need by implementing a diamond.
    15. Enables zero, partial or full diamond immutability as desired, and when desired.
    16. The ability to develop and improve an application over time with an upgradeable diamond and then make it immutable and trustless if desired.
    17. Develop incrementally and let your diamond grow with your application.
    18. Upgrade diamonds to fix bugs, add functionality and implement new standards.
    19. Organize your code with a diamond and facets.
    20. Diamonds can be large (have many functions) but still be modular because they are compartmented with facets.
    21. Contract architectures that call multiple contracts in a single transaction can save gas by condensing those contracts into a single diamond and accessing state variables directly.
    22. Save gas by creating external functions for specific use cases, such as bulk transfers.
    23. Diamonds are designed for tooling and user-interface software.



But wait… there's more!

To celebrate the Testnet release, the KANA-ELK pool will be boosted by a donation of KANA, meaning starting soon, you will receive KANA rewards on top of your usual ELK rewards when providing liquidity to the pool!

KANA LP stacking:




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