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Sites I work on to get cryptos #1

By nanoflowerdemon | The Nanocave | 8 May 2020

You know the drill, you know the grind. If you're a crypto noob like me then you probably visited many PTC sites, faucets, GPT programs etc. I'm aware that it's not an optimal way of making money but if you're getting started with crypto and you just want a few satoshi in your wallet then here's a few sites that I work on.

1. FaucetPay

FaucetPay came around after the famous FaucetHub stopped being a thing. FaucetHub was a big deal in the crypto community and like many others I used it to accumulate my coins. But, since FaucetHub had to close it's doors, FaucetPay has stepped up as an alternative with many sites who previously used FaucetHub as a payment method switching to FaucetPay. It looks a bit more slick, has similar features and aside form using it as a microwallet, I will sometimes peruse the PTC section to get a few extra satoshi. I have withdrawn Bitcoin from FaucetPay only once and as far as I remember it only took a few hours, whereas FaucetHub took days and in the case of paying out Bitcoin, only on Mondays. One of my favorite features is instant converting of cryptos from one to another unlike FaucetHub which put your coins on the market and you would have to wait for someone to buy them which can theoretically take a long time. I think I once waited for a month for some Ethereum to be exchanged for Bitcoin, not to mention you could only sell altcoins for Bitcoin and then buy a different altcoin with Bitcoin. Anyways, FaucetPay seems good to me and I'll end this part of the article now before I break the record for mentioning FaucetHub or FaucetPay in a single post.


2. adBTC

A straight up PTC site, very simple, offers ads that require window focus but you only get maybe 2 or 3 of those per day. You get many more ads that don't require window focus, meaning you can keep browsing or doing something else while the ad timer runs out. The more you consistently surf the ads you gain points which should increase your earning over a long period of time. Right now I'm at about 5.5 points and I usually get about 300-350 satoshi worth of ads per day. The minimum payout number sometimes changes, usually it is about 20 000 to 25 000 satoshi for regular wallet payment and 4000 or 5000 satoshi for FaucetPay. I have received multiple payments and they usually take a couple of days. They will specify how long it will take to get your payments.


3. Coinpayu

Another PTC site similar to adBTC in terms of having window focus ads and regular browsing ads as well as a point system. The earnings are similar as well. It looks different from adBTC but that's about the only notable difference I can think of. The minimum for payout is 10 000 satoshi to your wallet.


4. Faucet Crypto

There have been a few iterations of this site over the years and the most recent version looks slick and it works on pretty much the same model as the previous versions without one specific feature that I remember which is power-up items. You can claim from a faucet every 40 minutes and you get coins. One coin is worth about 1/4 of a satoshi. You have PTC ads, shortlinks and you can complete achievements which give you daily or weekly rewards. There is a level system and when you level up you get a slight increase on all of your earnings (faucet, PTC and shortlinks). You level up pretty fast. Right now I'm level 47 and I get 5.750% more on top of my base earnings. So if the faucet gives 19 coins I get 20.09 coins. Instant withdrawal with FaucetPay with a minimum of 500 coins which you'll get pretty fast. Though you should know that there is a limit on how much you can withdraw one specific coin daily and some coins may be depleted for the day until they refill the faucet. But in that case I guess you can just withdraw with a different coin and convert it in FaucetPay so not much of a problem.


5. Bananatic

Final one I'll mention for today is Bananatic which isn't really a crypto site or faucet. It is more of a GPT program focused around gaming. You do game quests in third party games that they have listed, you do mini games, watch videos, download apps, work the offerwall and engage in their social media. This will earn you bananas which are the sites currency. With those bananas you can buy gift cards (Steam, Amazon, Paysafecard), games currency, CS:GO skins, Visa prepaids or just straight up games, whichever they have listed. You can also connect your PayPal and convert the bananas into money. Though I'll be completely honest with you. I only work the video section. I don't like playing games that...well, I don't like. So I don't do the game quests. The mini games take time to update on your banana amount so I don't play them cause I never know how much I'm earning with them. I only do the videos cause that section has a live counter of how many bananas you're making. Even with that, I only do that until I get 20 bananas per day. They will update in the main banana counter every 24 hours but I've had a few times where they just didn't count. i talked to support about that and they gave me some answer how it's because I'm not genuinely spending time on the videos or something. But the truth is I did nothing differently, it's just on the days where I made more bananas they didn't count them, so I only do it until I reach 20 for the day. As far as rewards. I have redeemed a few random Steam keys. There is an option for 250 bananas and a premium option for 500. Don't bother with the 250 one cause it'll be some mini game that's probably free anyway. And as far as the 500 one you will get a key for some low rated game that they probably got keys for on some huge discount. At least that is what I think, not claiming that this is the truth in any way. Maybe you'll like the site for some CS:GO skins? i wouldn't know cause I don't play CS:GO. Anyways, I think I'll try one more time to reach a payout for like a prepaid card or PayPal to see if it's worth doing it. But I don't see myself spending a lot of time on Bananatic in the future.


Thank you for reading! There are more sites that I work on but I don't like dragging articles too long so I will talk about those in a different article.

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