3 Indoor Plants To Grow Inside During The Winter

By Tyler393 | The Mr. Gardener | 22 Feb 2022

So now the growing season is over for all your outdoor gardening so now what? Well time to start a indoor garden thats what and Mr. Gardener is here to help you with that by providing you with 5 different house plants that you can grow and care for during the colder months.
Plant #1 is a one of my favorites to grow because it gives me more plants to grow and it is called the spider plant. The spider plant is a easy plant to grow even from a starter plant and how to get a starter plant is by several ways. One way is by asking someone you know that has a spider plant if you can get one of their baby spider plant babies I can guarantee they will provide you one since they grow back so easily and fast. After you get a baby spider plant place it in some soil. You might ask me hey Mr. Gardener but there are no roots on the baby spider plant how will it grow? The answer is if you look closely at the spider plant baby you will see little bumps near the base of it and them bumps are baby roots. After you place the baby spider plant in soil keep the soil wet like a sponge not too wet just right another way to tell if any plant needs water is to place your finger in the soil and pull your finger out if the soil sticks to your finger wait to water it but if soil does not stick to your finger it’s time to water it. To help your spider plant or any plant to grow it needs light any light will do even a lamp or a lighted room will do. Now in about 4 weeks you will notice your plant start to grow bigger and produce new growth and in no time you will have a new spider plant.

Plant #2 in a crazy grower and it is called a ivy plant. A ivy plant can be purchased online or near your local garden nursery. These ivy plants can cost you around $25 depending on the size. If you think about getting a smaller sized one that’s okay because ivy plants can grow fast in no time and they require only little watering during the winter months and most plants don't require a lot of water during the winter months because the hot weather is not around to suck your water dry.   If you don’t cut back a ivy plant they can grow up to 15ft in length full grown I recommend not trim it but it is ok if you want to just don’t trim it back into a small plant because if you do that it can stress the plant out and make the leaves turn brown and die.   Plant # 3 is a easy plant to take care of and it’s called the lucky bamboo plant and it lives on water no soil. You may be asking me but doesn't to much water kill a plant? My answer to that is not with a water based plant and a water based plant is a plant that lives in nothing but water and a water based plant hates soil so much that soil will kill it. Now with the lucky bamboo all you need to do is to purchase a lucky bamboo plant online or from your local garden nursery. when you get a lucky bamboo plant some may come with the things you need to grow it but if they don’t provide it then you will need a ceramic pot not plastic and pebbles or marbles because you need something to hold the bamboo plant roots under the water.
After you got everything it’s time to place your bamboo in the pot and and the pebbles around over the roots evenly and make sure the plant can stand up on it’s own after that add the water and done. The only thing you might have to do every once in a while is make sure to change the water because if you smell something like sewage then that means the water sat in there to long and you have to clean the roots and the pebbles and the pot under warm water and add everything back in after cleaning them.
Plant # 3 is a plant that can survive in dry soil and still live and it is called the cactus the cactus loves dry soil and hates over wet soil so to make a cactus grow happy is to keep the soil like spongy wet dry soil like wet sand in a way and that’s it your cactus will never die no matter what even if you forget to water for week or two.          

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