What's in my Bags? 2020-2022

What's in my Bags? 2020-2022

By BrynnB | The Modern Crypto Man | 8 Sep 2020

The next two years in crypto will make many wealthy. It will also make a few unbelievably wealthy. The key is found in your cryptocurrency selections.


In this article, I'll be sharing my top picks for the next two years. Many may say that you will "miss profits" if you hodl now, but (disclaimer), I'm not a trader. I am relatively new to the crypto space, and I am looking to build a strong portfolio that will stand the test of time and create long-term returns. I'm not out here looking for the next YFI or SUSHI - that I'll leave to the DeFi chads 😅😂 For now, let's see what I'll be bagging over the next few months in order to set myself up for some really great returns.


Of course, BTC is my primary choice... The potential gains and predicted ATH's for it just make it so appealing - not to mention the relatively low supply vs increasing demand. Of all cryptocurrencies, bitcoin reigns supreme. I don't think I need to say more - just keep stacking them Sats people. 


ETH comes in second as the "queen" of crypto - mother to all ERC-20 tokens, and soon to be upgraded as ETH 2.0 rolls out next year (probably). The current valuation of ETH does not, in any way, match the demand faced by the blockchain itself, and this is why I believe in grabbing as much as possible while it still sits at almost 1/3 of it's All Time High (versus BTC that is more than halfway there). Unfortunately, the current gas fees (Aug-Sept 2020) are almost unbearable, so I buy ETH and leave it where it is. Once the fees subside or once I learn more about ZK Rollups or Loopring, I'll look into investing it safely. For now, it sits as my number 2 pick for crypto over the next 2 years.


Having recently made it's appearance in the top 10 on Coingecko, Polkadot took many unsuspecting crypto investors by surprise. Luckily, I have been looking into developing on the Substrate/Polkadot ecosystem for a few months now, and DOT blowing up didn't come as too much of a surprise. I am still extremely bullish on DOT overall, and like ETH, I believe it is heavily undervalued at this point. With 12% staking available, as well as fresh new tech that could potentially revolutionize blockchains as we know them, why wouldn't this underdog be on your list?


LINK and BAND are oracles, protocols that assist blockchains in obtaining real-world data. They have both boomed recently, and are currently down quite a large amount (time to bag some more!). With BAND's staking and LINK's market dominance, both are welcome additions to my bags. The only thing keeping me from investing far more into each is the distribution problem. In case you didn't know, both LINK and BAND are heavily skewed in terms of coin distribution. Both currencies have over 80% of all tokens held by just 100 wallets (BAND at 99%, LINK at 83%), which is rather suspicious for me considering the point of cryptocurrencies is decentralization. With such a huge market share held by just a few whales, the price could tank extremely easy if the main wallets decide to sell.


At just 1/15th the market cap of Crypto.com and their debit card, I am extremely excited about the future for Swipe.io and their debit cards. The SXP token can held & staked to obtain new card levels. I'll be hodl'ing up a boat load of SXP to ensure I can get a good card, while still being early enough to the party and not paying too much. I believe in SXP's team, as well as their recent partnership with Binance, so I do see the future of Swipe as a really bright one. It's also currently one of the most efficient ways for me to purchase cryptocurrency in South Africa, so that's a great positive. Although the cards are not yet available here (check my article on SA's crypto space), I am hoping that they will extend the availability in the future.


Everyone is hyped about the gaming industry and blockchain tech. Whether you go with Enjin or Theta, I do believe that there is enough room in the gaming world for both to flourish. Many predictions for Theta are extremely bullish, and I really resonate with their streaming services. Overall, this is a great diversifying option for my portfolio, allowing me to have my hands in both regular crypto as well as specific user-based crypto projects too.


Last but not least, we have my pawns. These are all projects that, like Theta, have applicable real-world application and utilise the blockchain in innovative ways. VeChain (supply chain) and Request Network (crypto invoicing) are two that I personally love, primarily due to their immense upside potential, with Tron's (decentralized video) staking as it's most obvious appeal. All three projects are already in the top 50, so it's unlikely to see absolute moonshots, but I really feel that these 3 will aid in ensuring my portfolio makes fantastic gains over the next few years.


And that's it, folks! Of course these are not all my holds, but these are the most significant ones, and the ones I believe others should know about too. Some honorable mentions include Kava, Tezos, Cardano, BAT, HBAR, Zilliqa, Ampleforth and Serum. Let me know in the comments if there's a big gem that you believe I've missed! I'd love to learn about new projects and coins! 


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