💲 How I Make Crypto Every Month - Passive Income in 2020 💸

💲 How I Make Crypto Every Month - Passive Income in 2020 💸

By BrynnB | The Modern Crypto Man | 1 Sep 2020

"Internet money." "Monopoly money." "Future of finance." Whatever you want to call it, cryptocurrencies are here to stay. From DeFi to staking, the perks of investing in crypto seem to be growing each month. But can you do it risk-free? By using some of the examples I'll share below, you have an opportunity to get into the crypto space without spending a cent! Everything you make is between you and your internet bill! I have become near obsessed with finding ways to get free crypto over the past three months - and this article is the fruit of my labour. I am certain that there are even more ways to grow your crypto stash, but these are the few tried-and-tested I have used to make over $20 a month in free crypto.

⛏ Mining

This one is the most obvious. With equipment, the hashes required by cryptocurrency blockchains can be solved by your PC or laptop, and you are rewarded. I am admittedly very new to this method of obtaining cryptocurrencies, so I am not very well versed in the mining sphere. However, my editing rig is equipped with an RX 580, which I heard is good for mining ETH. So after setting up a mining program, it runs overnight and pulls around $2 (at current ETH prices around $400) for each 24h period. Not bad considering that it would just sit idle through the night! I intend to invest in a 2nd GPU to add to the rig, but then the issue of power consumption comes into play.

Ultimately, you want your electricity costs to be covered by how much crypto you are mining. Once you are paying more for electricity, it becomes unprofitable. However, since I am just mining idly, I am just looking to build a sizeable amount of BTC to HODL for the next few months. Is it a potential business venture? Maybe. But for now, I'm keeping it simple and enjoying the profits.

🕹 Games

Crypto games hold a certain place in my heart. It was through them, after all, that my blockchain journey began just three months ago. My mindset when approaching crypto games has always been that it's essentially mining crypto with ads. By watching ads, the game developers are able to reward you after playing with small amounts of crypto. I believe this is possible through the ad revenue they generate from the game paying for the crypto, however I could be wrong. Overall, they are an easy and often fun way to make a few extra dollars in BTC or ETH. At present, I make around $5-6 per month. I have linked the best games I have found so far:


Bling Financial (download all 4 of their games for maximum gains)



B Programmers (likewise, download all for max profitability)

My Referral Code is: YSQ9ZP


🦁 Brave Browser

Being a modern crypto man, I value my privacy (obviously). Thus, the immediate benefit that Brave offers is for a built-in protection against trackers whilst browsing. I am sure that I am preaching to the choir here on Publish0x, but if you aren't using Brave yet - what are you doing?! It's built off the open source Chrome browser, so it feels familiar, yet unique in it's own way. By browsing with Brave and choosing to receive hourly ads (from 1-5 per hour), you are rewarded with BAT. These are paid every month, and are also a means for you to tip/contribute to channels and creators that also use Brave.

In a month, depending on your browsing activity, you can make anywhere between $4 and $10. And you're kept safe while doing it!

💰 Staking

I truly believe that staking will bring a significant portion of "normies" to the land of crypto. Finding those 5-10% staking rates amidst the fiat banks 0.2% rates is like coming across a gold mine. By placing coins back into the network, you receive rewards after every new block (most times). The percentage APY varies from crypto to crypto, with some as low as 0,5% and others all the way up to 50% (shout out to SwingBy). By staking my coins, I am able to accurately predict how much crypto I will receive every month.

At present, I stake TRX (5%), ALGO (5-6%) and VET (2%). I am keenly looking to expand my portfolio into DOT (12%) and ATOM (10%), which are two of the more high-earning staking currencies, however their coins do cost significantly more than that of the previous three.

🚿 Faucets

Faucets, like crypto games, are an ad-hungry way to make free crypto. They basically serve as an onboarding tool for new crypto users, allowing them risk-free access to that sweet internet money. You are allowed to “claim” through human verification, and will receive a fraction of a certain currency. This is the least paying form I use, however it has potential to grow as you refer others to the faucets, thus bringing more awareness to the currencies. I currently only use 4, primarily due to their ease of use from a smartphone:


1. Nano Faucet


2. Litecoin Faucet


3. BitcoinCash Faucet


4. Horizen Faucet


🏛 Interest Accounts

These services seem relatively new with the advent of the Decentralized Finance boom. Services like BlockFi offer a safe, certain APY for storing your crypto with their platform. These rates can range from 4,5% for ETH to 8% for stablecoins. Although it may seem low risk, these high rates in comparison to the average banking interest rates are like chalk and cheese. Converting fiat currency to stablecoins and reaping the almost 10% APY is a very appealing option – and one that I am sure many new users will resort to. At present, I only have funds stored with BlockFi, but I am looking at expanding into others like Zapper.fi (a decentralized lending platform) or the DAI savings rate.

BlockFi download link:


✍️ Publish0x

This is the most recent, but also the most exciting. Through the Publish0x platform, I am incentivised to both read/learn about crypto and blockchain, but also to produce content based around it. The tipping system allows you to steadily build a balance of various cryptocurrencies through the month, which are then paid to you in your specified wallets.

Overall, there are definitely ways in which to enhance and diversify your crypto portfolio for free if you  are willing to sacrifice a little time in setting it all up. I hope these are helpful and can bring you some sweet gainz as we move towards the next bull run!


IMPORTANT NOTICE: The links used in this article may be affiliate links, which will provide me with a small commission on your earnings. These cost nothing for you, and only serve to help me out. Crypto has many referral services, so I am sure you know all of this already! Thank you if you do decide to use any of the given links 🎉🧡


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