Beware Anubis: Crypto's Latest Malware

By BrynnB | The Modern Crypto Man | 7 Sep 2020

If you are a Windows user and own cryptocurrency/desktop wallets, then be on the lookout!

In a recent article, Microsoft has issued a warning to all users of Windows to be extra cautious when downloading and using wallet information on your desktop. A new malware, named "Anubis", is able to infiltrate and steal credentials and details for your wallets or crypto services. This is especially nerve-wracking as we make our way closer to new ATH's for both BTC and ETH. It would be an absolute shame for some to have portfolios reach 6 or even digits, only to have their precious cryptocurrency drained from their wallets without realising.

"A new malware, named "Anubis", is able to infiltrate and steal credentials and details for your wallets or crypto services"

As of now, there have been no officially issued solutions or fixes for this malware. If you regularly use your PC for crypto-related activities, I have a few best-practices to try out:

1. Use an encryption software for your passwords/keys

VeraCrypt is a great example of a free-to-use cryptographic encryption software that can be used to secure your passwords for various sites/exchanges. If the malware is able to track keystrokes, having your passwords saved and ready to be "copy-pasted", rather than entering them manually, could potentially aid in preventing it from gaining access. Of course, I am no cyber-security expert, so please only take this as advice and not as gospel. Having your keys saved to note document on your desktop is a sure-fire way to have them snatched if your PC is breached. Thus, using an encryption software to safely store them out of a hackers' reach is well worth your time and effort in my opinion. Ensure you have a cold backup of your keys as well - this means written down and secured somewhere very safe. 

Encryption software is a huge safety net for your crypto


2. Run an anti-malware software regularly

This one is pretty obvious. Invest in a solid anti-malware (not anti-virus - many malware executables can pass through your anti-virus unnoticed!) software that you can use to scan your operating system regularly. We often underestimate the power these background tasks can have - it could potentially save you thousands of Dollars down the line! Malwarebytes is my personal recommendation, but there are many out there that can be used. Just make sure it's a legit copy! It would be very ironic to download a pirated installer, only to have it install malware! 


This one is obvious, especially when dealing with anything crypto. Please people - use Google Authenticator, preferably on it's own device (not your primary device, just in case that is stolen). Two-factor Authentication will aid in slowing down the hackers attempts at the least, and fully prevent loss of funds in the best case scenario. I won't say more - since I'm sure you're already doing this, right?


As more info is released, we'll keep you up to speed with how to combat Anubis. For now, be sure to check your download sources, and always make sure you access the correct web domain for crypto services! Many hackers enjoy fooling unsuspecting browsers who just click on the first Google result. If possible, bookmark sites that are legit to ensure you don't fall for small or big scams. For the full article written by CoinTelegraph, check the link below.


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