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By Epy | The Mixed Blog | 17 Apr 2021

Needing help with your account? No problem, here’s a resource to direct you to all the potential sources of help. Keep in mind the in-app chat likely experiences the highest amount of ticket volume, so these alternative methods of assistance are your best bet to get help quickly.

Before that, know that many issues can be resolved by visiting their self-help section by clicking HERE


However, if that isn’t suitable for your problem there are several very helpful methods below. How it works is you reach out to the staff via one of their social medias and you identify yourself with your referral code (the same one used to invite your friends and family to the platform). After they generate a ticket, they will generally contact you via the in-app chat.

Click whatever method you prefer below OR at the page bottom.


Facebook: Click send message.


Telegram: Join the group and send a message to the mods. Ignore anyone that isn’t an official staff member.



Discord: Join the channel and send a message to the mods. Ignore anyone that isn’t an official staff member.



Twitter: Click send message OR tag @cryptocomcs to get into contact with them.



Instagram: Send them a private message upon following.

Best of luck getting your issue resolved! For general questions you don't need official help check out the subreddit HERE

Off Topic

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