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Earning Crypto Is Easy With This Underrated App

By Epy | The Mixed Blog | 3 May 2021

The concept of faucets are fascinating, as they've been around almost as long as Bitcoin itself. What is a faucet? It's just like it sounds, a faucet that drips bitcoin. Old faucets used to drop thousands of bitcoins for free nearly a decade ago. Incredible right? This article outlines a faucet that will pay you a sizeable amount of Bitcoin and give you interest on it.

For those that are in a hurry to join the faucet to earn crypto, click HERE to sign up. Otherwise read below to learn more about the methods of collecting free Bitcoin and earning interest on it.


The company is called Cointiply and there are genuinely no fees or catches. Not to mention it works well for both Mobile and Desktop, but there are a couple advantages for desktop that I'll highlight below. I've been using it for about a week and the earnings are pretty decent already despite not having an optimized rhythm to maximize my profits.

Screen grab of my actual earnings

Not bad for a week right?

Here are the ways you can earn crypto with Cointiply:

  • Roll the Faucet (simply click and collect)
  • Watch videos
  • Play games (usually this involves a mission along with the game)
  • Complete surveys
  • Complete offers (often this is simply watching a video or a special survey)
  • Play the multiplier (This is essentially low-stakes gambling with coins you've earned, but is only available on desktop)
  • View Pay-to-click ads
  • Earn interest 5% interest (You only need to enable this in the settings and earn 35,000 coins which doesn't take long at all. I did by day 2)
  • Earn freebies through the chat pool (This is easier than it sounds and I'll explain this towards the end.)

Now that you get the gist of the types of ways you can earn crypto, lets delve a little deeper into them.

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Roll the Faucet

Doing this is so easy. You click and enter a text captcha and instantly you earn some crypto. How it works is you roll a number up to 99,999. The higher the number the more coins you earn. Rolling a prime number earns you bonus coins. Rolling a 99,999 wins you a jackpot (I've seen it as high as +$40). Rolling once a day increases how many coins you earn per roll. The best part? Cointiply lets you roll once an hour.

Screen grab

Watch Videos

This is also pretty easy, although sometimes the videos can be a couple of minutes long. There are 14-15 videos you can watch daily, but there are other methods to watch videos through completing offers that aren't associated with this method.

Play Games

This is another option available on Desktop. You play their games and earn coins by filling up an activity meter. Every time you fill this up you earn 33 coins. There are accelerators for people that enjoy this style of earning.

Screen grab

Complete Surveys

This can be lucrative, but it may only be limited to certain countries (this will take your own investigation). A lot depends on what is available. I've seen surveys give up to 40,000 coins ($4) and I've heard of some surveys providing up to 500,000 coins ($50). Most of the surveys work just fine. Some are more than worth taking, some aren't particularly worth it.

Complete Offers

This can be a wide range of different missions or offers. Often times its try a new game. Sign up for a new service. Participate in a survey or test. Watch a test ad for a new movie. Play this mobile game until X level. The list goes on and on. 

Play the Multiplier

I've only seen this on Desktop, but essentially you gamble a certain amount of your earned coins and can win up to 63x what you wagered. It's pretty simple and people win often. I haven't tried it myself.

Screen grab

View Pay-to-Click ads

This isn't as invasive as it sounds. You click an ad and you watch for a minimum duration (usually between 5-40 seconds). You verify a small puzzle and get the coins credited to you. There are only a certain amount of ads available at any given time, but sometimes there are dozens upon dozens of them.

Earn Interest

As long as you activate this feature in the settings, you'll begin earning 5% APY on your coins, paid out weekly. The only requirement is that you maintain at least 35,000 coins ($3.50) to earn it. That's not bad at all, especially since you earned all that BTC for free! You can also deposit some BTC here to earn crypto, if it suits you.

Chat Pool Freebies

This method of earning coins is a little different than the rest, but it is worth putting the extra effort. Basically you have to click into the chat and "agree" to participate in the "rain pool". The rain pool is a bunch of coins that accumulate based on different surveys and offers you've taken. Once the pool reaches a certain threshold it splits it amongst those who participated in the "rain pool". The more surveys and offers you've taken, the larger share of the rain pool you earn. There is only one catch to this, and it's that once the rain pool pays out, you have to rejoin it each time. Not bad at all. Just remember to join the rain pool before completing a survey or watching an ad.

Final Thoughts

Cointiply is easy to use and pays well compared to many faucets I've been investigating. With the easy interest, I feel really great about using Cointiply at least once a day to build up my BTC stash. I earn more Bitcoin interest on at 6.5% interest (if you want to learn how to stake for their prepaid VISA rewards card click HERE), but I won't argue with 5% and a $3.50 minimum. I highly recommend you check it out Cointiply if you want to earn free Bitcoin and want interest on it. Sign up for it HERE.


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